Ane Hellum

Head of HR

What is it like to work for Promon?

Working in such a small company gives you opportunities to try lots of things. You can become an expert in your field, or an all-rounder if you prefer that. If you have an idea or a suggestion, there is room and flexibility to dedicate your time to developing it further.

We have great diversity at work, both in terms of nationalities and competence. Some employees have doctorates, while others are self-taught.

I would describe our company tone as informal and pleasant. We have a common goal – achieving something really great together – and we have a good time doing just that. This is what ties us together. Our aim is for everyone at the company to have the same desire to take Promon to the next level.

Our teams are not set up according to location, but by tasks. It does not matter much where you work, and many of our teams cross countries. This provides different experiences and perspectives; I think we all learn a lot as a result. Our working language is English, and part of the training you receive takes place with colleagues in other countries.

Even though we are an international company, we are eager to maintain our Nordic work culture. The CEO is on hand for anybody working here.