Armine Panosyan

Senior Software Engineer

What is it like to work for Promon?

Working at Promon provides good opportunities to develop new skills. Right now, I’m working on .NET obfuscation, a technique that protects apps from reverse engineering. I know a lot about security thanks to former projects, but, in terms of my career, this topic is a new experience.

It is challenging – indeed, sometimes quite difficult – but interesting. I deal with lots of new, specific knowledge, and there’s lots of research involved, which isn’t necessarily the case with the routine part of my job. This project is all about learning: it keeps my brain busy!

I work in a great team. We have a friendly, comfortable working environment without needless competition. Of course, we have opinions, and open discussions about the issues we are working on, and that helps us see new angles and solutions. Being able to share experience and knowledge with colleagues is important to me. It makes us more productive. We collaborate and feel free to ask each other questions.

Like many people with children, having a flexible job is crucial to me. Sometimes you must pick your child up from school early, and that is totally O.K.. Here at Promon, I can combine being a software engineer with having a family without feeling stressed.