Jan Vidar Krey

Head of Development

What is it like to work for Promon?

As a company developing software in-house, we make our own product. That means, unlike a consulting company, that we control our direction. Of course, we listen to what customers and the market want. But the ultimate decisions are our own.

We invest heavily in learning new things and doing things that no one else does. We build the product by looking at apps from a hacker’s perspective. What can be done to break something down and and circumvent it? And then, how can we make that a little bit harder to do? It is an iterative process where we end up with non-traditional solutions. Sometimes we use techniques that very few people would come across otherwise.

Working here suits people who are eager to learn new things. This field was once new to all of us. We do not offer an ‘A4 job’ as a standard programmer. Of course, some elements of work are routine, but Promon is much more than that.

We have a flat structure and openness about how we work, which makes it possible for employees to navigate our system. If you are working on something that you don´t enjoy, you can switch to another project. You can choose whether you want to specialise and become a real expert in one area, or whether you want to move around between different projects. We will continue to grow in the future, and new opportunities will arise as a result.

Our technology is a product that our customers like. But we are still working hard to be innovative and challenging.  Developing involves a lot of disciplines. It is a complex process, composed of many different types of players.