Markus Ottensmann

Senior Software Engineer & Team lead Android

What is it like to work for Promon?

I am the leader of the Android team that works to secure Android applications.

It’s an exciting role. Our product is special because it is invisible; we try to always be in the background. As a user, you never see the design of Promon SHIELD, but application security is important. As a customer, you need to be sure you can use your banking app without being scammed. Gamers don´t want others to hack into the game and cheat. That’s why we create security solutions for these contexts as well as health information apps. It is motivating to work on something so meaningful.

We usually work on small projects to improve our product: writing code is is single person task, but to design the ideas we have the team. Having a coffee and chat with colleagues is useful, especially when you want to develop an idea. Generating ideas is like throwing a ball – you put it out there and it comes back as something quite different. Just explaining your thoughts is very helpful. It’s a good way to develop ideas.

The people here are very talented. I’m a mathematician myself. But it doesn´t matter what education my colleagues have. It’s great that people have different experiences from university, previous jobs, or projects they do in their spare time. We are experts in various areas. It is easy to ask others for advice or to learn about what they do.

I really enjoy working with such committed people. I feel that I am constantly evolving – and that is so important when working in IT.