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About Us

Promon is a Norwegian company with offices in APAC, the US, Germany, the UK, and India.

Since 2006, we have been pioneers in app security and delivered world-leading security software to many of the largest
banks around the globe. We work across a range of industries with various global Tier 1 clients, counting customers in industries such as finance, health, public sector, and more. Promon’s technology is research-based and originates from the internationally recognized research environments at SINTEF and the University of Oslo. Promon’s patented deep protection technology Promon SHIELD™ is protecting apps used by hundreds of millions of users.

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Ane Nysveen Hellum

Head of HR

Ane is Head of HR and responsible for the HR department at Promon. She has a varied HR experience from…

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Tom Lysemose Hansen

CTO, Founder & Board Member

Tom Lysemose Hansen is the founder of Promon. Lysemose Hansen is Danish and holds an M.Sc. in Informatics from the…

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Gustaf Sahlman


Gustaf has over 20 years experience of working with knowledge-intensive, high growth international technology companies, having held senior positions at…

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Folker den Braber

VP Product Managment

Folker den Braber is VP Product Management and has been working for Promon since 2007. In addition to product management,…

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Stephan Gäbler

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Stephan Gäbler is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) responsible for sales and business development at Promon. He has a pedagogic background…

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Lars Lunde Birkeland

Marketing & Communication Director

Lars has experience of working with high growth international technology companies, having held management positions at for example JUST EAT PLC – a…

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Jan Vidar Krey

Head of Development

Jan Vidar Krey has been Head of Development at Promon since 2014. He holds a B.Sc in software engineering, and 16…

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Amelie Dunder

Head of Finance

Amelie is Head of Finance and responsible for the financial department at Promon. She has a varied financial background starting…

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Board of Directors

Nishant Fafalia

Chairman of the Board

Fafalia is investment manager at Kistefos. He worked as a project manager at Orkla Brands, a leading Norwegian FMCG company.…

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Giovanni Verhaeghe

Member of the Board

Giovanni Verhaeghe is OneSpan’s Vice President of Corporate Development and Hardware Operations. He has been instrumental in driving the company’s…

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Jarl Øverby

Member of the Board

Øverby, born 1969, is a merited executive with 20 year experience from sales and management positions with fast moving companies…

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Henning Hansen

Member of the Board

Hansen is Born in 1965. An industry veteran with extensive CEO and board experience from listed and privately held international…

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Johan Gjesdahl

Member of the Board

Gjesdahl, born 1970, is partner at Alliance Venture, a venture capital firm managing venture funds investing in privately held, early…

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Kristian Huseby

Member of the Board

Huseby is an investment analyst at Kistefos. Prior to joining Kistefos Huseby worked as a senior consultant in Deloitte Financial…

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