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Offer Secure Mobile Crypto Apps With In-App Protection

Make Your Crypto Apps As Secure As Traditional Banking Apps

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How Blockware is protecting their TiOS Pay app

How You Can Protect Your Cryptocurrency Apps

In-App Protection by Promon SHIELD™ makes your crypto apps (e.g. Wallets, Trading apps) resistant to malware attacks, compromised mobile devices and bad actors using reverse engineering and tampering techniques.

In addition, it provides protection of sensitive app data and collects information to both identify attack vectors and help prevent future attacks.

It is a critical link once your apps go live in untrusted operating environments.

Your apps can be quickly uploaded and secured in minutes using our integration tool – or an SDK that is easily integrated into the app.

Read Case Study

How Blockware is protecting their TiOS Pay app

Do You Want To Learn More About In-App Protection For Crypto Apps? 

Secure Crypto Apps Brings Benefits!

When should you consider adopting In-App Protection?

  • If your app carries sensitive data (e.g. PII or app secrets) or can be used for transactions.
  • If your app is subject to security and/ or privacy regulations. The GDPR sets a maximum fine of €20 million (about £18 million) or 4% of annual global turnover.
  • When your app is public and published or released in the wild.
  • If you need to protect the app’s brand and its Intellectual property (IP).
  • When your app has software logic that resides on the device.

What Is In-App Protection?

Gartner defines In-App protection as a security solution implemented within the application to make it more resistant to attacks such as malicious data, exfiltration, intrusion, tampering and reverse engineering. 

Promon SHIELD™ proactively protects your apps against targeted attacks, allowing apps to run securely. If a hacker attacks, Promon SHIELD™ will respond by taking necessary measures to fully protect your apps.

“Through 2022, mobile application security failures will be the biggest mobile threat for enterprises.”

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Application Security

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