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Star Finanz Software Development and Distribution GmbH, a Finanz Informatik company and part of the Savings Bank Financial Group, is one of the leading providers of Online and Mobile Banking in Germany. With over 120 employees in Hamburg and Hannover, they have offered savings banks, private banks and cooperative banks as well as end-users a comprehensive range of innovative financial products for more than fifteen years – from banking solutions through StarMoney, StarMoney Business and SFirm for private and corporate customers, via the apps StarMoney, S-Banking and S-Financial Status to individual solutions for online payments, web applications and CRM solutions.

In online and mobile banking, Star Finanz with its market-leading software solutions is the leading vendor for business and private users. The award-winning product line StarMoney was launched in 1997 and is used by more than one million satisfied customers. Since the release of StarMoney version 7.0 for private customers and StarMoney Business 4.0 for small and medium businesses in 2009, Promon SHIELD™ has been integrated into the software.

Promon’s patented security technology provides comprehensive protection for StarMoney software against Trojans and Malware, and was launched to the public at the Cebit Fair 2009. Even in the current StarMoney versions 9.0 and StarMoney Business 6.0, Promon’s innovative technology is an integral part of a comprehensive security package.


The collaboration between Star Finanz and Promon started at the Cebit 2007, where the head of the development department, Jan Graffenberger got to know the Norwegian company and their innovative Promon SHIELD™ security software. As a market leader for products and solutions for the financial sector Graffenberger and his team of security developers always have to be one step ahead of malicious software and hackers. One of the requirements specified at that time was to effectively protect bank customers against threats such as trojans and keyloggers, without the need for continual updating of the software.

“We especially liked Promon’s innovative approach to protecting the application instead of the whole system.”

Through so-called whitelisting, StarMoney is protected against access from all other programs on the system and is only allowed to communicate with specific and approved programs. Attacks from new and unknown Trojans are thus actively blocked. Here the Promon solution differs from conventional anti-virus and firewall vendors, which need to update their blacklists of known malware in order to retroactively identify the malware. With this approach, each new malware has to do some damage before the anti-virus software or firewall can provide protection.

Thus, with anti-virus and firewall vendors each new threat requires a new security update which can result in considerable delays. With Promon SHIELD™ however, our application is protected at all times – without the end user being involved. This increases the security for online banking with StarMoney, as outlined by Jan Graffenberger as the key selection criteria:

“Above all, it was the superior knowledge of the Norwegian developers in this area that convinced us. With Promon SHIELD™, a new level of security has been implemented directly into the program. Our customers directly gain from the ground breaking work done by this start-up company”.


In order to secure maximum safety in online banking, the developers of Star Finanz are providing regular online updates and service packs ensuring that the software runs on all systems and harmonises with all existing security solutions. Promon SHIELD™ works in the background and does not affect the performance of the application, attacks are blocked automatically. During the test phase, Star Finanz ordered an extensive security test by an independent third party – the S-CERT; the “Computer Emergency Response Team” of Savings Banks Finance Group, who in addition to the savings banks, landesbanken and insurance companies is also connected to IT service providers. In order to verify the effectiveness of Promon SHIELD™, a whole series of attacks with the latest trojans, keyloggers and other malware were carried out with all being successfully repelled.


“Security is a top priority for online banking – for us as well as for our customers. Therefore, we want to ensure that we offer our customers a totally secure product. As the market leader, we carry a special responsibility to test our extensive security features and continuously develop them further. This includes always being one step ahead and identifying new trends. Our goal is to arm StarMoney against the increasingly sophisticated hacker – providing optimal protection for savings banks, their private and corporate clients against such attacks,“ says Jan Graffenberger.

Jan Graffenberger

“…As a market leader we have a special responsibility to continuously maintain and improve our security measures. This includes always thinking one step ahead and recognising new trends. Our goal is to arm StarMoney against the increasing threat from Hackers, offering savings banks and both private and corporate clients optimal protection against such attacks,” says Jan Graffenberger.

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