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Felix Payments

Why Felix Made The Smart Move Of Securing Their Soft POS App

Any mobile payments service needs to comply with legal requirements. How can App Shielding accelerate the process of meeting the requirements for payment apps?

We’ve had a chat with COO Noah Fitzgerald from the innovative payment technology company Felix.


Various regulatory bodies require App Shielding. Promon SHIELD™ helps us meet requirements and accelerates the process.

Hi Noah, could you briefly introduce yourself and Felix?

Felix is a payment technology company and a leading provider of cloud EMV technology – We developed the first cloud kernel framework that delivers rapid EMV enablement to any Internet-connected device.

In partnership with the card networks, we enable partners and merchants to implement the most secure payment methods, eliminating fraud risks and lowering costs.

Noah Fitzgerald - Felix

How Does Felix Utilize App Shielding?

– A challenge for us and other actors within the mPOS industry is that there is no built-in security in the operating systems for our apps to rely on.

We, therefore, need to take the necessary measures to protect our Tap-to-Phone Soft POS App, Felix.Terminal.  

App Shielding ensures a trusted execution environment for our app. Promon SHIELD™ has multiple layers of security mechanisms to ensure that our app is running in a secure state and prevent our app from being modified, manipulated, or tampered with by hackers or malware.

We know that hackers go after cryptographic keys and other encrypted information – and there must be good solutions in place for protecting them.

Therefore, we were very impressed by Promon’s App Asset Protection features, a far better alternative to White-box Cryptography solutions that are often time-consuming to deploy.

Why Did You Decide On App Shielding?

– Meeting or exceeding compliance and regulatory standards is a priority at Felix.

When processing card payments leveraging an internal NFC reader of a COTS device, various regulatory bodies require App Shielding. 

Promon SHIELD™ helps us meet a number of the requirements and recommendations found in, for example, PCI, PSD2 and EMVCo, and accelerates the process of meeting the different requirements for payment apps.

Why Did You Go With Promon?

– When deciding on an app security vendor, we were looking for solid encryption, attestation, and security for our solution at a price point that supported our business model and growth requirements. 

We reviewed several vendors and chose Promon due to your strong security solution with features that reinforce one another.

Competitive pricing, excellent guidance, as well as your direction with EMVCo and the card brands were also essential factors for us.    

What Have You Been Most Impressed With?

– I’d say your team. You’ve been responsive, provided high-quality direction, and have been very supportive of building this relationship.

This will help us accelerate our compliance process, and we very much look forward to our continued cooperation.

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