Promon SHIELD™

App security for public sector and government

Secure sensitive data and minimize the threat from malicious attacks

Promon Shield Public
Promon Shield - Unprotected Environment

Protect sensitive user information

The main goals for public services is to facilitate easy access and achieve quicker response time. Typically unknown and therefore untrusted systems are used when accessing these services, which raises the need for service based, or application based protection. Promon SHIELD™ is protecting browser sessions, email applications, remote desktop applications and SSL/VPN sessions from threats such as;

  • Code injection
  • Hijacking of the browser, SSL/VPN portals, and applications used for virtual desktop sessions
  • Malware
Promon Shield - Protected Environment

Secure remote access

Promon SHIELD™ prevents all the threat scenarios as mentioned above, most importantly by creating a secure dedicated execution environment for the application. This environment is controlled and protected in-depth by strong proactive security mechanisms. This is done by:

  • An SDK which is directly integrated in the application (browser or a dedicated remote desktop solution)
Our customers buy because

Strong authentication

Authentication alone is not enough – protecting both the authentication and the app from within the application is essential!

Secure storage

Offer sufficient measures to protect your customers data. Promon SHIELD™ secure storage of application data at rest and prevent data leakage of sensitive information.

Prevent Malware-driven attacks

Malware are designed to steal customer data. Detecting and blocking malware from the inside of an application reduces fraud and false positives.
Product features


Protect against compromise

Code obfuscation
App binding
Repackaging detection
App communication
TLS certificate pinning
Client authentication using a client-certificate
Identifying the app/device as an authentication factor
Store data encrypted inside the app
Binding the data to be encrypted to the device
Whitebox cryptography
App Management Solution
Trusted binding between a user, an app and the device
Making the app trusted without external security tokens
Registration / activation – securely pair the app / device with the user.


Detect attacks at runtime

Ensure app is running in safe environment
Debugger detection
Jailbreak / Root detection
Emulator detection
Ensure app is not altered or tampered with (e.g. by malware) at runtime
Resource verification
Hook detection


React to ward off attacks

Shutdown (Exit / Fail)
Integrity checking
Custom reactions
Screenshot detection / blocking
Anti keylogging
Anti screenreading
Alert / reporting
Blocking external screens
Prevent brute force decryption of sensitive information

The key threats against using remote employee access

Learn how to prevent the different threat scenarios by creating a secure dedicated execution environment for your applications.