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Partner with Promon and enhance your product offering!

Promon’s Partner Program assembles key-players in different segments from the IT industry.

SSO (Single Sign On)

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Mobile Security Solutions (MSS) & Mobile Threat Protection

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Trusted Environments (TE)

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Security information and event management (SIEM)

The demand for Application Shielding / Mobile RASP software is on the rise

The app is essentially the “new endpoint” and an often forgotten attack vector. Unfortunately, secure app development processes have not evolved fast enough, leaving apps and users exposed. Many app developers also realize the complexities of building reliable security measures for their apps.

The typical challenges are:

  • Building secure and reliable mobile apps are complex.

  • Lack of internal security expertise

  • Staying one step ahead of the mobile threats is time-consuming

  • Mobile threats constantly evolve!

48% of developers say security is important but that they don’t have enough time to spend on it.

Source: DEVSECOPS Community Survey 2018
Offer cutting-edge and easy-to-integrate app security to your clients!

Promon SHIELD™ is a proven Application Shielding / Mobile RASP solution used by more than 100 million end-users worldwide. 

Based on in-depth monitoring and control of the operating system, Promon SHIELD™ offers a proactive and whitelist-based technology, protecting both the app itself in addition to input/output to and from the app. Your Android, iOS or Windows apps can be quickly uploaded and secured in minutes by using our integration tool, or an SDK that is easily integrated into the app. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution.

Our Partner network

Promon’s Partner Program assembles key players from the IT industry, resellers, distributors, and technology partners. It ensures increased exposure for all partners and offers specific benefits for each partner category. With the help of our partners, we help businesses safely embrace mobile innovation.


Cirosec (HQ: Germany) is a specialized company with a focus on information security and advises their clients in the German-speaking area on questions of information and IT security.

T-Systems is (HQ: Germany) a global IT services and consulting company. Drawing on a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions.

Move (HQ: Norway) is a system integrator that provides expertise and solutions. A consulting company that provides consulting services regardless of where the solution is purchased and an independent operating partner that manages your IT infrastructure.

EVRY (HQ: Norway) is one of the biggest IT companies in the Nordics, EVRY provides very extensive deliveries to Nordic companies, financial institutions, national public sector entities, municipalities and health authorities.

Encap Security (HQ: Norway) is the leading supplier of device-based strong authentication and e-signature solutions for the financial services industry. Following its acquisition in 2016, Encap Security is now a subsidiary of AllClear ID.

Wultra (HQ: Czech Republic) helps the leading European banks to make secure and engaging digital channels faster. Their range of security-related software technologies covers the whole digital banking application stack, be it on the web or mobile platforms.

Dais Software (HQ: Bulgaria) is a software development company focusing on solutions for Digital Channels for Banking and Finance industry (Internet and mobile banking, Bill payments, Omni-channel integration).

TrustSec, (HQ: Poland) is a company established by the hands of security experts in order to provide the European market with the best-in-class information security solutions & services, for the safety of their people, assets and information.

eMan (HQ: Czech Republic) turns smart technologies into your competitive advantage. eMan delivers applications for smartphones, tablets, websites, cars and other smart devices.

Mnemonica (HQ: Bulgaria) is an IT company providing data protection systems, information security and compliance solutions, cloud and managed services.

Watchcom (HQ: Norway) is a reputable provider of security services, with high level of competence in security monitoring, security awareness, security testing and training.

Verisec (HQ: Sweden) is an international IT security company that provides innovative security solutions for banking, government and businesses worldwide.

Starfinanz (HQ: Germany) is a leading provider of multi-bank online and mobile banking solutions in Germany. It offers its services to private clients, medium-sized firms and large corporations.

Wise Distribution (HQ: UK) have been in IT security sales collectively for over 70 years and marketing for 15. We have worked for many of the top security Vendors, several start up companies new to the UK and had a mixture of different roles.

XTN® (HQ: Italy) Cognitive Security develops Security and Anti-Fraud Advanced Behaviour-based Solutions. Its mission is to help companies and institutions protect their businesses and their customers’ sensitive data through the adoption of award-winning and multi-layered XTN Cognitive Security Platform®.

Black Cell (HQ: Hungary) is a Security Operations Center (SOC) and provides multiple, personalized but integrated solutions for small, medium-sized businesses and enterprises in order to exploit the potentials of security.

YouCo (HQ: Italy) is an EMM solution provider who also designs and develops digital solutions for companies and institutions with the aim of optimizing their digital transformation.

FINANTEQ (HQ: Poland) is a software and consulting company focused on mobile finance. They provide complete mobile solutions as well as ready to integrate add-on platforms and components for mobile channel.


SecureMetric (HQ: Malaysia) is a digital security solutions company with core expertise in software licensing protection, 2-Factor authentication, advanced identity and more.

i-Sprint (HQ: Singapore) is the leader in Securing Identity and Transactions in the Cyber World for industries that are security sensitive, require channel monitoring and quality data for better user management.

Intouch World (HQ: Bangalore) is an IT Security and Infrastructure Solutions Provider based out of Bangalore, India. They have made their mark as a credible, reliable and versatile solutions provider. Equipped with experience and expertise, they have been helping customers with their IT Security and Infrastructure requirements for about two decades.

ID Networks (HQ: Tokyo) provides unique and secure solutions to implement simple and flexible IT environments. Their solutions are based on globally proven products with a focus on information security areas, which include ID and access management, enterprise DRM and thin client.

United States

OneSpan (HQ: Chicago) offers a cloud-based and open architected anti-fraud platform and is historically known for its multi-factor authentication and electronic signature software.

AllClear ID (HQ: Austin, Texas) provides products and services that help protect people and their personal information from threats related to identity theft.

App47 (HQ: Washington) is the leading provider of Mobile Application Management (MAM) for enterprises with a mobile workforce as well as those having products with embedded mobility. From construction to healthcare and many other industries, they provide a complete management of mobile apps delivered securely in the Cloud.

Lookout (HQ: California) is a private IT security company that develops and markets cloud-based security software for mobile devices.

Middle East

TrustSec, (HQ: Szczecin, Poland) is a company established by the hands of security experts in order to provide the European market with the best-in-class information security solutions & services, for the safety of their people, assets and information.

Softlock (HQ: Egypt) provides unique products and solutions, which cover many security areas fulfilling customers need in different markets sectors. We provide a set of products and solutions covering the following areas: Software protection, data encryption, security hardware, digital signature, secure identification and authentication, secure online distribution of digital content.

Partner benefits

Fast-rising technology!

“By 2020, 30% of enterprises will use Application Shielding to protect at least one of their mobile, IoT and JavaScript critical applications” Source: Gartner Application Shielding Market Guide

Proven Security

Promon SHIELD™ is a proven solution. Used by more than 100 million end-users world wide

Cutting-edge and Easy-to-integrate

Promon SHIELD™ is one of most comprehensive Application Shielding solutions in the market with an easy automated integration and no impact on user-experience
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