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Prevent Data Theft

Prevent data theft!

In today’s technological business environment, cybercriminals find new ways to compromise data every day. Enterprises need to ensure that employees, external agents and partners can all be highly productive, and securely utilize their applications from any location they choose. Promon SHIELD™ secures corporate data from a range of attack vectors, such as:

  • Preventing data theft and compliance breaches
  • Man-In-The-App
  • Malware
  • OS vulnerabilities
Man-in-the-App - Enterprise

Protect your enterprise apps

For an attacker the app is the best place to be. If an app allows hostile code to enter while it is running, every part of the app is at risk. All the app’s internal interfaces are available for the attacker, meaning that security measures like authentication, integrity protection and encryption are compromised.

Promon SHIELD™ addresses these issues by providing protection against Man-in-the-App. This is done in a quick and effortless way through;

  • An SDK that is easily integrated in the app
  • By using the Promon SHIELD™ integration tool
  • As an integrated part of Android Studio
Enterprise - Self Protecting App

Runtime App Self-Protection (RASP)

Promon SHIELD™ is a security add-on providing self-protection abilities to services and app(lication)s. This is the category that GARTNER defines as Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP).

With Promon SHIELD™ the app is self-protecting and protection is restricted to the application only. With Promon SHIELD™ the attack is blocked by the application itself and the application continues to operate securely.

  • Secure data at rest
  • Blocks both known and unknown threats
  • Detect and defend against the evolving mobile threats
  • Respond immediately to attacks to prevent mobile breaches
Easy deployment!

You can easily turn your apps into a self-protecting app. Your apps can be quickly uploaded and secured in minutes by using our integration tool, or an SDK that is easily integrated in the app. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via enterprise app stores.

Easy deployment
Product features


Protect against compromise

Code obfuscation
App binding
Repackaging detection
App communication
TLS sertificate pinning
Client authentication using a client-certificate
Identifying the app/device as an authentication factor
Store data encrypted inside the app
Binding the data to be encrypted to the device
Whitebox cryptography
App Management Solution
Trusted binding between a user, an app and the device
Making the app trusted without external security tokens
Registration / activation – securely pair the app / device with the user.


Detect attacks at runtime

Ensure app is running in safe environment
Debugger detection
Jailbreak / Root detection
Emulator detection
Ensure app is not altered or tampered with (e.g. by malware) at runtime
Resource verification
Hook detection


React to ward off attacks

Shutdown (Exit / Fail)
Integrity checking
Custom reactions
Screenshot detection / blocking
Anti keylogging
Anti screenreading
Alert / reporting
Blocking external screens
Prevent brute force decryption of sensitive information

Learn about the key threats to mobile apps.

Understand how secure use of an application can be achieved, even in the hostile environment on infected systems.