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Analytics & Application Security Monitoring

Take back control of your applications by monitoring and detecting mobile threats

With Promon INSIGHT™ you can securely monitor, detect and respond quickly to known and unknown threats. The data reporting is intended for collecting reports about the app’s runtime environment and specific threats to the security of the application.

Promon INSIGHT™ gives you crucial time to react to emerging threats. With the ability to silently report back to servers, hackers performing targeted attacks won’t even be aware that they have been detected.

Application Security Monitoring

Product features

Promon INSIGHT™ provides information on:
  • Rooting and jail-breaking
  • Repackaging
  • Hooking framework
  • Untrusted Screen-readers
  • Untrusted Keyboards
  • Screen-shot / screen-captures
  • External Screens
  • Runtime integrity
  • Debuggers
  • Emulators
  • Native Code Hook
  • Runtime Library Injections

Understand your apps execution environment and security status

Promon INSIGHT™ provides secure reporting methods that can be trusted. Other reporting technologies can easily be manipulated making their reports untrustworthy.

Promon INSIGHT™ uses detailed in-depth monitoring of the app and the OS environment in ways that are not possible by using standard API`s. It can therefore see anomalies that are outside the scope of other reporting solutions.

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