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Application Protection and Security for Desktop Apps

Secure Desktop Applications Now

Achieving application security doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With Promon SHIELD™, your developer team can implement protection to any desktop application, in minutes!

Compared to today’s anti-virus solutions Promon SHIELD™  has some clear advantages:

  • 100 % proactive technology, protects against both known and unknown malware without using any pre-known information
  • Provides end-to-end security control for service providers
  • Transparent for the end-user, who does not have to take any action whatsoever
  • Easy to deploy
How To Secure Your Desktop Apps?

Read our latest white paper and discover how In-App Protection can help you.

Uses cases

Application Protection (SDK)

Graphic of computer screen

Promon SHIELD™ is designed to secure code integrity, data protection, intellectual property and ultimately brand and revenue against targeted malware. With security protections that are infused directly into your application, Promon SHIELD™ protects your desktop apps from passive and active attacks. Since security is embedded into the application, protection is not invasive to the end user’s computer or network, nor does it rely on external libraries or hardware for its protection.


  • Malware Injection
  • Reverse- engineering
  • Tampering with Security Controls / Sensitive Functions
  • Anti-keyboard and screenshot logging
  • Unauthorized access and fraud
  • IP Theft and Piracy
  • DLL manipulation
  • Network manipulation

Secure Browser

Graphic of computer screen showing SHIELD Protected EnvironmentThis solution is designed for corporate and retail banking. It creates numerous privilege boundaries and containerisation in order to maximize security – without compromising usability. The Secure Browser requires no integration at the bank or enterprise back-end so it can be deployed quickly.


  • Cross platform, locked-down browser
  • Installation does not require admin rights
  • Updates seamlessly for ease of management
  • Can force HTTPS
  • Malware Injection Prevention
  • Reverse- engineering Prevention
  • Prevent Tampering with Security Controls / Sensitive Functions
  • Anti-keyboard and screenshot logging prevention
  • Unauthorized access and fraud
  • IP Theft and Piracy
  • DLL manipulation
  • Network manipulation

Secure Remote Access

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Mobile users in remote working places, travelling or simply working from home, demand and require remote access to the company’s internal network that typically contains sensitive information. The primary threat against using Remote Employee Access is malware on the (managed and unmanaged) client side. Promon SHIELD™ secures corporate data from a range of attack vectors such as;

Attack vectors:

  • Code injection
  • Hijacking of the browser, SSL/VPN portals, and applications used for virtual desktop sessions
  • Malware
  • Keyboard and screenshot logging

Hardened Citrix Client / Receiver

Citrix logoIt is well-known within the malware community that by compromising the endpoint, your confidential data within the Citrix Receiver can be exposed. Endpoint security for both managed and unmanaged endpoints is a concern for many companies.

Promon SHIELD™ solves the key security challenges for Citrix end points protecting against:

Features and benefits:

  • Key-logging
  • Screen Captures
  • Session Hijacking
  • Allows the Receiver to function in the normal way
  • Provides uncompromising confidentiality
  • Updates seamlessly for ease of management

A New And Innovative Way Of Increasing Internet And Application Security

Promon SHIELD™ is integrated with the service it protects. This means that service providers can automatically offer their users secure access to their services.

In order to achieve this level of security, Promon SHIELD™ will create a new process which it controls completely. This approach requires Promon SHIELD™ to execute native code on the client computer. This is highly sophisticated code which is specifically written for the platform it will run on. This native code can be delivered in several ways;

  • Windows C/C++ SDK DLL
  • Wrapping tool for native or .NET applications
  • Turn-key pre-packaged products (browser, remote access)
  • Turn-key application launchers (Office, Citrix)
Product Features


Protect against compromise

Obfuscation (to prevent attackers to reach the code itself – as well as to prevent attackers from removing this very protection.)
App binding
App integrity checking
App communication
TLS certificate pinning
Client authentication using a client-certificate


Detect attacks at runtime

Ensure app is running in safe environment
Debugger detection
Debugger attachment
Ensure app is not altered or tampered with (e.g. by malware) at runtime
Certificate checking
DLL injection
Memory injection
Remote thread execution
Hook detection


React to ward off attacks

Shutdown (Exit / Fail)
Integrity checking
Hook cleaning
Module cleaning
Screenshot blocking
Anti keylogging
Anti screenreading
Alert / reporting
Blocking external screens
Clipboard filtering
Print blocking
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