Application Protection and Security for Mobile Apps
Add robust security to your Mobile apps without slowing the app development process.

With the explosive growth of the mobile channel and user demand for anytime/anywhere access to mobile services, app providers are stretching the boundaries of security and putting them squarely in the crosshairs when it comes to malicious attacks. Promon SHIELD™ makes it possible to access and manage sensitive data on an infected device, without risking data leakage and id theft. 

Achieving mobile application security doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With Promon SHIELD™, your developer team can implement protection to any mobile app for Android or iOS, in minutes!

  • "75% of mobile breaches will be traced to mobile apps by 2017" - GARTNER

Common threats to your mobile apps

Read more about Reverse engineering & Code analysis

Attack vectors

  • String literal code structure analysis
  • App decryption
  • Decompilation of native code (Objective-C/C++)
  • Symbol dumping and analysis
  • Dynamic / Static Key lifting


  • Private and sensitive data can be exposed
  • Apps can be reverse-engineered back to the source code
  • Code and IP can be stolen, reused or repackaged

Read more about Code modification & Code injection

Code modification and code injection Mobile apps

Attack vectors

  • App Re-signing / Re-packaging
  • Malware payload insertion
  • Binary patching
  • Library and system service API hooking and swizzling
  • Method swizzling / function hooking within app


  • Run-time behaviour of app can be altered, causing unsafe or improper operation
  • Malicious code can be injected or hooked into apps
  • Apps can be modified and tampered with

Add multilayered security to solve these mobile app security issues

Promon SHIELD™ protects your apps from static analysis (encryption and obfuscation). Our technology makes sure the source code is unreadable to attackers that manage to decompile or disassemble them. This prevents the attacker from gaining insight into the structure of your apps, extracting or altering the code and exploiting vulnerabilities.

Promon SHIELD™ also detects and prevents dynamic analysis and real-time attacks. This is the category that GARTNER defines as Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) or Application Shielding. Our technology allows you to safeguard mobile apps against:

  • Reverse engineering/decompilation
  • Malware insertion
  • Spoofing of apps to access sensitive data
  • Intellectual property theft and piracy
  • Tampering with security controls or sensitive functions
  • Unauthorized access and fraud
Easy deployment!

You can easily turn your apps into a self-protecting app. Your Android or iOS apps can be quickly uploaded and secured in minutes by using our integration tool, or an SDK that is easily integrated into the app. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public app stores.

Easy deployment
Product features


Protect against compromise

Code obfuscation
App binding
Repackaging detection
App communication
TLS certificate pinning
Client authentication using a client-certificate
Identifying the app/device as an authentication factor
Store data encrypted inside the app
Binding the data to be encrypted to the device
Whitebox cryptography
App Management Solution
Trusted binding between a user, an app and the device
Making the app trusted without external security tokens
Registration / activation – securely pair the app / device with the user.


Detect attacks at runtime

Ensure app is running in safe environment
Debugger detection
Jailbreak / Root detection
Emulator detection
Ensure app is not altered or tampered with (e.g. by malware) at runtime
Resource verification
Hook detection


React to ward off attacks

Shutdown (Exit / Fail)
Integrity checking
Custom reactions
Screenshot detection / blocking
Anti keylogging
Anti screenreading
Alert / reporting
Blocking external screens
Prevent brute force decryption of sensitive information