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How a mobile gaming development company protects IP and prevents cheating

This mobile gaming developer has launched popular mobile games with more than 250 million monthly active users. They selected Promon’s mobile gaming security solutions and deployed one of their mobile games on Android Promon IP Protection Pro™ at the end of 2022. Convinced of the solution’s efficacy, they are now rolling it out to their other titles, meeting their requirements successfully. 

How a mobile game development company protects IP and prevents cheating

Interview with mobile tech innovator FINANTEQ

Banking is going mobile, there is no doubt about that. As the economy and financial system become more digitized, cyber risk is growing in importance. There has been a sharp increase in attacks on mobile banking apps all over the world, and FINANTEQ felt an obligation to keep their clients safe – using Promon SHIELD®.


tomato pay: Comprehensive security and compliance with Promon SHIELD®

The recent rise in cybersecurity incidents made tomato pay explore additional security to further strengthen the integrity of their app. Following a thorough review, they decided on Promon SHIELD®.

Tomato Pay

How a leading provider of mobile banking in Germany manages mobile security

Since the release of StarMoney for private customers and StarMoney Business for small and medium businesses, Promon SHIELD® has been integrated into the software. Promon’s patented mobile security technology provides comprehensive protection for StarMoney software against trojans and malware.

Star Finanz

Why Raiffeisenbank is protecting its new app with Promon SHIELD®

Raiffeisenbank in the Czech Republic has been firmly established since 1993 and provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate customers. It services its clients through 132 branch offices and client centers, as well as specialized mortgage centers and private and corporate advisors.

Mobile Banking Erste

Why app shielding matters to MONETA Money Bank

App shielding is a natural and the most straightforward way to cover the regulatory technical standards for PSD2. Like many other security-focused and innovative banks, MONETA Money Bank is now protecting its mobile apps against the ever-changing threat landscape while maintaining a frictionless user experience with Promon SHIELD®. The Smart Banka app by MONETA Money Bank is the first banking app in the Czech Republic that actively fights against the whole range of sophisticated attacks.

Case Study Nude

How a fintech start-up is keeping up with cybersecurity risks

UK-based fintech start-up Nude is making home-buying easier and more enjoyable than ever before. The Nude app features tools like government-boosted savings and investment accounts, a property finder feature that shows house prices, and actionable saving ideas and features to assist aspiring homeowners.

Moneta Money Bank

Comprehensive crypto app protection

Blockchain technology is transforming the way we share data and transfer value. However, cyber security threats must be overcome before it’s ready for mainstream adoption. That’s why Blockware identified a need for a comprehensive app shielding solution.

Promon Blockware