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New Report: Major Government Apps In Asia Leak Sensitive Data

Major Government Apps In Asia Leak Sensitive Data And Lack Basic Security. Download our report to discover the key findings from our research.

eGovernment Apps Are On The Rise – But How Secure Are They?

Mobile eGovernment (eGov) apps create a unique opportunity for governments to interact with their citizens and provide streamlined solutions for them – from eID’s and healthcare apps to tax services apps. eGovernment apps cover a wide range of services and can be highly beneficial for a country’s citizens.
Our latest report looked at whether these apps have strong enough security mechanisms in place or if they contain vulnerabilities that could potentially jeopardise citizens’ data.

About 60% of the tested apps leak sensitive data. Download the report to discover all our findings

The Worrying Results

Governments should be the ones to set an example when it comes to the protection of privacy and user data, but our results show that they – more often than not – don’t.