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Secure Low-Code Apps With In-App Protection

The low-code platform revolution is a big win for productivity and fuels the digital transformation at organizations by helping nonprogrammers and developers create beautiful apps.

Still, one essential aspect of app development is security, and this applies to apps developed with low-code as well.

Offer Comprehensive App Security As An Extra Component

Security, integrity and trust play a vital role in the acceptance and usage of high-value apps, hence offering comprehensive In-App Protection as a pre-built integration to your low-code platform can further enhance the adoption of your software.

Today more than ever, malware attacks, compromised mobile devices and bad actors using reverse engineering and tampering techniques, are top of mind for CISOs and other IT security leaders.


  • With Promon SHIELD™ offered as an add-on service (branded or white-labelled), your platform users apps (iOS and Android) can be released with advanced security making it an essentially code-free and hands-off experience.
  • Promon SHIELD™ can be applied post-build or be incorporated as part of the build cycle with no modifications required to source code.
  • Platform users can add additional layers of protection during deployment and make their high-value apps resistant to malware, intrusion, tampering and reverse engineering.
  • Your platform users never again have to make the difficult decision between app security and time to market.
Developers building low-code apps

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Which Platform Users Will Benefit From In-App Protection?

Users that need to protect the app’s intellectual property (IP) and apps that carry sensitive data (e.g. PII or app secrets) or can be used for transactions.

Apps that are subject to security and/ or privacy regulations. The GDPR sets a maximum fine of €20 million (about £18 million) or 4% of annual global turnover.

When the app is published in public app stores and released in the wild.

The app has software logic that resides on the device.

Promon SHIELD™ Brings Value

Stay Compliant

Promon SHIELD™ ensures teams deliver protected apps that reduce potential risks and avoid regulatory fines without compromising project timelines.

Quick to deploy and easy to integrate

Promon SHIELD™ helps reduce the manual coding work, valuable development time and skill set needed to produce secure mobile apps.

Unchanged user experience

Promon SHIELD™ protects multiple business apps while maintaining optimal user experience. End-users won’t even notice it’s there!

Enable secure Mobile Strategy

Promon SHIELD™ proactively protects your apps against targeted attacks, allowing apps to run securely on untrusted devices.

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