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Security Contact and Procedures

Promon takes security very seriously, and we aim to take immediate action to address serious security-related problems that involve our products.

Please report any suspected security vulnerability in a Promon product to our security team at

Please contact our security team if:

You think there might be a security vulnerability in a Promon product.

Who Reads Email Sent to
Only members of our security team, a restricted and carefully chosen group of Promon employees, will have access to material sent to the address. No outside users can subscribe to this list.

How to Contact Us Securely

Promon Security uses a GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) key to secure communications. Mail sent to can be encrypted with this public key.

This key is used for communicating securely with Promon Security and for signing the security advisories posted to mailing lists.

Download: Promon
Fingerprint: EBF1 13AE 9202 C187 787D E146 ED75 1C41 A6A7 866B

What to Send to

Please provide as much information about your system and the issue as possible when contacting the list.

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