Security Contact and Procedures

Promon takes security very seriously, and we aim to take immediate action to address serious security-related problems that involve our products.

Please report any suspected security vulnerability in a Promon product to our security team at [email protected].

Please contact our security team if:

You think there might be a security vulnerability in a Promon product.

Who Reads Email Sent to [email protected]?
Only members of our security team, a restricted and carefully chosen group of Promon employees, will have access to material sent to the [email protected] address. No outside users can subscribe to this list.

How to Contact Us Securely

Promon Security uses a GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) key to secure communications. Mail sent to [email protected] can be encrypted with this public key.

This key is used for communicating securely with Promon Security and for signing the security advisories posted to mailing lists.

Download: Promon
Fingerprint: EBF1 13AE 9202 C187 787D E146 ED75 1C41 A6A7 866B

What to Send to [email protected]

Please provide as much information about your system and the issue as possible when contacting the list.