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BankTech Company LEVERIS Partners With Promon

BankTech company LEVERIS partners with Promon

Promon has entered into a partnership with banking technology company LEVERIS. By using the Promon SHIELD™ technology, LEVERIS protects its digital banking app against cybersecurity threats, while maintaining its seamless user experience.

Banking apps are vulnerable

Commenting on the partnership, Conor McAleavey, Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at LEVERIS, said: “Many banking apps are built with lots of vulnerabilities. That’s become ever more prevalent in recent times as banks rush to add the latest features to their apps. At LEVERIS, while we strive to provide exceptional user experience through our app, we don’t compromise on security. For that reason, we’re delighted to be partnering with Promon, using its technology to provide security against a wide range of cyberattacks such as debugging, code modification and data theft.”

Security and usability should go hand in hand

Tom Lysemose, CTO at Promon added: “We’re delighted to be partnering with such an innovative company as LEVERIS. There’s been a surge in cyberattacks against banking and payment apps in recent years, and a stronger focus on security is required. But we shouldn’t compromise on UX, and LEVERIS share our belief that security and usability should go hand in hand.”

LEVERIS has chosen Promon SHIELD™ for comprehensive In-App Protection, a security solution implemented within the app to make the app more resistant. Promon SHIELD™ protects digital banking apps against a wide range of attack vectors, including malware, fraudulent transactions, reverse engineering, credential harvesting and OS vulnerabilities exploits. By adding Promon SHIELD™ to their security toolbox, the LEVERIS Digital Bank app is protected against a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.

“As we further develop the LEVERIS Digital Bank app, we will work closely with Promon to ensure security is taken care of. Our experience of the company as an integration partner has been excellent, and we look forward to our continued work together,” McAleavey said.


LEVERIS is a digital banking company headquartered in Dublin, with offices in Prague, Brno and Minsk. Founded in 2016, the company offers a cloud-native, real-time, non-legacy core banking system built for better banking and smarter lending. The LEVERIS Digital Banking Platform has been built from the ground up, architected to be a standalone entity, enabling banks to offer a wide range of products including current accounts, saving goals, mortgages, fraud monitoring and real-time notifications. The platform dramatically reduces the cost, complexity and time it takes to launch future-proofed digital banks at scale.

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About Promon

Promon is a Norwegian technology company specializing in In-App Protection. The company works across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, gaming, crypto, government and banking and payment. Promon’s technology is research-based, and originates from the internationally recognized research organization SINTEF and the University of Oslo. The patented In-App Protection technology Promon SHIELD™ has protected apps used by hundreds of millions of users since 2009.

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