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How A European Country Launched A Secure Mobile Driver License App

How a European country launched a secure Mobile Driver License app

Mobile apps have significantly transformed the ways to deliver public services to citizens, and citizen-oriented apps such as mobile driving license apps are on the rise.

In the age of mobile-first, citizens expect the convenience of having their driving license available on their mobile device. MDLs also provide a wide range of benefits and opportunities for public authorities, including contactless verifications and personalized communication with the public.

Mobile apps are, however, increasingly sources of fraud and breaches for organizations.
App security should therefore be a top priority for public authorities when launching citizen-oriented apps residing on end-users’ mobile devices.

Security challenges on the rise

The Forrester Research Top Cybersecurity Threats In 2020 report revealed that three of the top five cybersecurity threats are related to app security issues causing data breaches. 

Another well-known industry report, Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, confirms the increase in cyber attacks, both in terms of percentage and in the number of breaches.

Cyber attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated, and citizen-oriented apps are a particularly lucrative target. Administrative procedures are becoming increasingly digital, and sensitive data is stored and shared, offering criminals a breeding ground for data manipulation, identity theft and misuse. 

“Mobile Driving Licenses apps are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats due to the sensitive nature of unique personal identifiers (PII). This makes them an ideal target for attackers,” says Promon CTO, Tom Lysemose Hansen

Case example:

How a European country launched a secure Mobile Driver License app

A European country was developing a driving licence app.

In this new app, citizens will be able to access their driving licence via their mobile phone by entering a code or by using their fingerprint. It makes it quick and easy for the citizens to present proof of identity via his or her mobile phone. 

Their IT security team contacted Promon to further investigate our In-App Protection technology.

Why did they choose Promon SHIELD™?

  • Malware attacks, compromised mobile devices and bad actors using reverse engineering and tampering techniques was a concern for their IT security team.
  • They needed to protect the app’s intellectual property (IP), sensitive data (e.g. PII), and secure the app against potentially malicious clones.
  • The app carries sensitive user data and is subject to security and/ or privacy regulations.
  • The app will be available in public app stores and released in the wild.

By utilizing In-App Protection by Promon SHIELD™, the developers behind the official driver license app can detect and prevent intrusions, including reverse-engineering, and protect their users against malicious attacks.

In addition, it provides protection of sensitive app data and collects information to both identify attack vectors and help prevent future attacks. It is a critical link once your apps go live in untrusted environments (or operating systems). 

Based on in-depth monitoring and control of the operating system, Promon’s In-App Protection solution offers a proactive and whitelist-based technology, protecting both the app itself as well as app inputs and outputs.

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