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Promon Launches Security Configuration on the Fly for Android and iOS Apps

Oslo, 12 December 2018

Promon AS, a leading Norwegian app security specialist, today announced the release of a new updateable configuration feature for its Promon SHIELD™ product.

The new feature enables app developers to adjust the configuration options for Promon SHIELD™ remotely without the need for updating or republishing the app.

  • This new feature simplifies things a lot. Previously our clients had to republish in Google Play and App Store for each change of specific configuration features. This will no longer be necessary, says Lars Lunde Birkeland, Marketing Director at Promon.

Security Configuration on the Fly

The updatable configuration feature solves several challenges. Updating HTTPS server addresses, certificate pinning information and whitelisted IP addresses can all be performed in an updated configuration. The new feature also enables tweaking of features that cause false positives, as well as locking down apps if specific threats are detected.

  • With updatable configuration the app owner can, whenever and wherever, change specific features of Promon SHIELD™ as an integral part of the app. It is basically configuration on the fly, Birkeland explains.

New devices and OS versions typically cause challenges for all app developers. The new updateable config feature enables shielded apps to fetch an updated configuration. Thereby a better user experience is created for the end user.

Malicious Software on the Rise

There are some 42 million mobile malware attacks every year. According to Gartner, 75 % of mobile applications currently fail basic security tests. Common security threats to mobile apps include compromised devices, reverse engineering and malware attacks.

Application shielding has become crucial to preserve and improve a business’ reputation. Promon SHIELD™ impede attackers’ attempts to modify apps and monitor runtime behaviour. Upon detecting malicious activity, apps protected by Promon SHIELD™ will modify their behaviour in real time to interrupt potential attacks.

  • As the use of malicious software is rising substantially and growing more sophisticated year by year, we’ll continue to strengthen our products to offer our clients a multi-layered protection for their mobile apps, Birkeland explains.

Fact Sheet

Key benefits of updatable configuration:

  • Configure security settings on the fly
  • Tweak features that cause too many false positives
  • Update HTTPS server addresses, certificate pinning information and whitelisted IP addresses
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