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SecureMetric And Promon Team Up To Expand Technological Leadership In Southeast Asia

SecureMetric and Promon Team Up to Expand Technological Leadership in Southeast Asia

SecureMetric and Promon today announced a partnership to help companies in Southeast Asia quickly and easily maximize the security and reduce the risk of data leakage by protecting the applications on mobile devices.

“The partnership with Promon has enabled us to strengthen our mobile security portfolio where Promon SHIELD™ just perfectly fill up the gap of our offering. I am very optimistic about this technology cooperation that will eventually enable us to hit the Southeast Asia market right on the mark!” commented Edward Law, CEO of SecureMetric.

“Our objective is to be the world leader in RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) and Application Shielding technology. We want to make applications safer irrespective of verticals and irrespective of geography,” said Gustaf Sahlman, CEO of Promon. “In today’s mobile world, where customer and data integrity is of increasing importance, we believe we can make a significant difference. To address the markets around the world we need to identify and team up with the best technical partners.”

He added: “We see this partnership as a huge recognition of our leading technology, and an acknowledgement of the absolute importance of Promon’s products in a world of mobility, where the focus of security is shifting towards being app-centric, rather than device-centric.”

About SecureMetric

SecureMetric is a digital security specialist with core expertise in Software Licensing Protection, 2-Factor Authentication, Advanced Identity & Access Management and more. They help companies solve their information and transactional security needs. Over the past decade, the SecureMetric brand name has been steadily growing and gaining respect in their respective domain of expertise just as their team have been growing. From 10 staff members in 2007, SecureMetric has expanded across Asia in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines to build a strong regional workforce of more than 90 employees.

About Promon AS

Promon’s proprietary technology Promon SHIELD™ represents a new generation of application security technologies, which secures applications from both known and unknown attack vectors. Promon protects applications used by millions of users in areas where data integrity is of critical importance. Promon is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with sales offices across the globe. Promon has an OEM program, which allows partners to provide Promon as part of their own solutions. Additional information about Promon may be found at

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