Sit back and enjoy powerful data reporting

Monitor and detect mobile threats

With Promon INSIGHT™, you can detect and respond quickly to known and unknown threats and enhance your mobile or desktop app security. Promon INSIGHT™ collects valuable data about the app’s runtime environment and specific threats to the security of the application.

Promon INSIGHT™ gives you crucial time to react to security anomalies and emerging threats. With the ability to silently report back to servers, hackers performing targeted attacks won’t even be aware that they have been detected.

Helps companies solve issues, discover threats and learn from insight data

Promon SHIELD™ provides security telemetry to Promon INSIGHT™ for better data reporting. While Promon SHIELD™ protects your mobile or desktop applications, Promon INSIGHT™ provides evidence of attacks, behaviour and usage, so that security managers can protect their app and reduce the chances of being compromised by threat actors.

Monitor and collect valuable app data to discover issues that can be solved in minutes
Near real-time reporting discovers threat actors that are trying to compromise your app

Promon INSIGHT™ provides information and evidence such as

  • Rooting and jail breaking
  • Repackaging
  • Hooking frameworks and native code hooks
  • Untrusted screen-readers and keyboards
  • Screen-shot and external screens
  • Runtime integrity
  • Debuggers and emulators
  • Runtime library injections
  • And more

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