Stephan Eide

Sales Manager – Nordics & Middle East

What is it like to work for Promon?

I am proud to come to work every day for Promon. Each day provides new opportunities to support our customers and partners. It is exciting to think of how much I have grown with the company in my first four years here. We are very lucky to have both such a diverse group of colleagues and a flat hierarchical structure. It creates a dynamic that fosters growth. There is room for a variety of personalities here. We are a nice international cocktail of people from many countries. I love to get to know other cultures, and I find it exciting to work internationally.

At Promon, we share our creative ideas with one another. Regardless of whether it is your first week or you are a co-founder. If you identify an opportunity to make something better, you go for it. If you need to know something, you ask. If you have a suggestion, you speak up. With teammates from around the world there is always a new prospective to learn from. At Promon, you always feel heard.

A given day in my role revolves around correspondence with clients and prospects. As complex and technical as our industry is, building relationships is crucial. My job is to discover our customers’ needs, follow up with them, and put together offers for them to partner with us. Also, it is critical that I can “speak the language” and stay up to date on our products. I often chat with our developers and product managers to stay sharp.

I have been able to grow and develop in my career here at Promon. I was first hired to be responsible for the Norwegian market. With success in Norway, I was then trusted with more responsibilities in additional markets. I credit a lot of my growth to the support structure that Promon provides. I have skilled colleagues; we have many useful discussions and I learn from them all the time.

Promoneers are eager to help each other. I like to think of Promon as a kind of family business. I have colleagues, including former bosses, with whom I have close friendships. We work out and play golf together. We often go for a drink after hours. Having such a social work environment is great. Balance is critical to being at your best. Promon is a great place to work.