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PCI Compliance Checklist for Apps

How In-App Protection can help you meet the PCI developer guidelines

If your mobile app accepts, processes, stores, or transmits payment card information, you will need to meet certain accepted industry standards to become PCI compliant.

Meeting these standards can be achieved by following a number of objectives and guidelines.

Download PCI Compliance Checklist for Apps

This checklist covers:

In this checklist, you will find several of the technical guidelines for apps accepting electronic payments on mobile devices found in section 4 in the PCI Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines for Developers, and a high-level overview on how In-App Protection software can help you meet them.

How to prevent unauthorized logical device access

How to create server-side controls and report unauthorized access

How to prevent escalation of privileges

How you harden your applications

How to ensure secure coding, engineering and testing

How you protect the mobile app from unauthorized applications

How to protect your mobile app from malware

How you provide an indication of secure state

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