Promon IP Protection Pro™ for your Android and iOS apps

Protect your intellectual property, revenue, and reputation

Promon IP Protection Pro™ provides enhanced post-compile binary code obfuscation for Android and iOS mobile apps and their integrated third-party SDKs, ensuring robust intellectual property protection. This empowers organizations to safeguard their apps’ code against reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorized modification, effectively preventing financial loss, customer churn, reputational damage, and regulatory compliance violations.

Secure your innovation with Promon IP Protection Pro™

Protect your prized intellectual property

Ensure intellectual property protection of your company’s innovation with Promon IP Protection Pro™. This strong security solution keeps your unique algorithms, app features, and essential processes safe from reverse engineering and unauthorized use and copying. With IP Protection Pro, you can help your business keep creating and growing.

Safeguard your valuable revenue streams

Protect your app’s earnings by using Promon IP Protection Pro™ to avert reverse engineering attempts that could cause unauthorized access to your app code, data breaches, or pirated app distribution. Secure in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium features, keeping your revenue models safe. With this enhanced protection, your app can continue to expand smoothly and without interruption.

Streamline your app code security for a faster market launch

Speed up your app’s launch without compromising security. Promon IP Protection Pro™ is designed to fit seamlessly into your current development process. Here’s how it helps:
1. Deploy it quickly without extensive security know-how with a simple, low-code setup.
2. Works across various programming languages and frameworks, so you don’t need different security tools for each platform.
3. It integrates smoothly with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) systems, which is essential for agile development.

Meet strict regulatory requirements

Ensure your mobile apps are compliant and secure with Promon IP Protection Pro™. It enables you to meet the stringent OWASP MASVS resilience standards, protecting your app’s code from reverse engineering and unauthorized changes while safeguarding hardcoded data. Simple to use and efficient, it helps you avoid penalties and earn your users’ trust.

Maximize your ROI

Boost your return on investment with Promon IP Protection Pro™. This cross-platform code obfuscation solution for iOS and Android apps meets various security needs, reducing the complexity and expense of using multiple products. It’s easy to implement and maintain, saving on training and resources. Plus, it offers strong protection against reverse engineering, helping to avoid expensive breaches and compliance fines.

Future proof your security

Stay ahead of emerging cyber threats with Promon IP Protection Pro™. It’s designed to tackle advanced risks like reverse engineering and generative AI* that can potentially perform pattern recognition or automated decoding, protecting against fraud and data theft. Adapt to new threats, and protect against fraud and data theft now and in the future.
*Upcoming capability

Mobile game development company protects its IP and prevents cheating

Promon IP Protection Pro™ safeguards app integrity, revenue, and brand reputation for mobile games with over 250 million monthly active users without impacting the gameplay experience.

Intellectual property protection for your apps built with teams in mind

Code obfuscation for security engineers

Security engineers

Promon IP Protection Pro™ equips you with enhanced capabilities to enforce security standards without hampering the app’s performance. Protect both your app code and the integrated third-party SDKs against sophisticated static analysis and ensure compliance with security standards like OWASP MASVS resilience standard, all while maintaining a streamlined development pipeline.

Code obfuscation for mobile app developers

Mobile app developers

Streamline your app development with Promon IP Protection Pro™’s easy-to-integrate security features. It’s designed to work within your development environment, allowing for rapid, secure implementation without requiring deep security expertise. Keep your focus on creating great user experiences, trusting that your code is out of reach.

Code obfuscation for CISOs and CIOs

CIOs and CISOs

Strengthen your mobile ecosystem with Promon IP Protection Pro™. Defend against complex cyber threats and comply with industry regulations while upholding your company’s trusted reputation.

Intellectual property protection for project managers

Project managers

Deliver secure apps quickly with Promon IP Protection Pro™. Its straightforward integration accelerates your project timelines while upholding strict security standards through enhanced code protection.

Obfuscate. Protect. Repeat.

Cross-platform, post-compile, binary code obfuscation

IP Protection Pro secures your code across multiple platforms by operating on the binary code after it's compiled. It's compatible with a range of programming languages and supports both Android NDK and Xamarin.iOS. It protects your app's code, as well as third-party libraries and SDKs, without relying on Bitcode. It offers the same protection on both Android and iOS and is optimized for ARM and Intel architectures for reduced maintenance.

Easy and quick to integrate

IP Protection Pro offers an easy-to-configure, low-code integration process that speeds up deployment and reduces time to market. Protect your app's code quickly with minimal training. The solution is designed for efficiency, fitting smoothly into your CI/CD pipelines without altering your build system toolchain, unlike other code obfuscation products on the market.

Bindings for extra security

For added security, IP Protection Pro uses cryptographic binding to the app, ensuring that if its security features are tampered with, the app will not function. This adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized modifications.

Extending SHIELD’s multilayered protection

Expanding Promon SHIELD®'s obfuscation features, IP Protection Pro adds enhanced protection for your app's binary code. Runtime controls such as anti-debugging and anti-hooking and environmental controls such as root or jailbreak detection, screenshot prevention, and keyboard injection prevention are provided through Promon SHIELD® all the time and in real time.

Learn more about Promon SHIELD®

Promon IP Protection Pro™ binary code obfuscation techniques

  • Section encryption encrypts code and data sections within the executable to prevent static analysis.
  • Control flow abstraction diverts call instructions within the code sections to a central dispatch function that hides the links between code blocks, making the application’s control flow and all external calls invisible to prying eyes.
  • Block splitting breaks binary symbols into smaller fragments and shuffles them throughout the code.
  • Integrity checking adds a checksum network to protect the code from unauthorized modification. With this feature enabled, modification causes the binary to crash randomly, preventing crash analysis.
  • Debug stripping removes debug information from the binary.

An introduction to app code obfuscation

The importance of code obfuscation and how it enhances your app security