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Why it’s essential to protect mobile games

In 2022, worldwide mobile gaming revenue exceeded $90B. Attackers are taking advantage of inadequate security in gaming apps to cheat, steal sensitive app data, and redirect revenue. It is essential to implement comprehensive security measures to protect players, prevent revenue loss, and maintain a strong reputation in a fiercely competitive market, where game developers spend billions on creating proprietary IP to attract and engage players.

The State of Game Security

We tested 357 of the world’s highest revenue-generating mobile games for Android to see how they fare against three common attacks: repackaging, hooking, and rooted devices.

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The State of Game Security

Prevent cheating

78% of gamers say they will abandon the game if they experience cheating and fraud. Cheating can destroy a game’s success and force a gaming company to write it off as a total product failure. Controlling the growing risks from attackers and cheaters is required to fully protect a gaming company’s business model.

Shield valuable revenue streams

Games are an attractive target for repackaging, a technique that allows attackers to modify the code of an existing application, and then package it into a new app. This could divert crucial revenue streams for games that rely on in-app purchasing or advertising.

Protect your brand reputation

If hackers find ways to cheat in your game, it can damage your brand reputation. Players value fairness in games, and cheating negatively impacts the honest gamers’ experience. Excessive cheating in one game can damage that game’s reputation, but also indirectly influence the success of a publisher’s future games.

Keep app data and assets safe

Game apps that provide in-game currency or wallets need solutions for securely protecting app assets stored locally on the device to prevent theft of currency and other sensitive app data.

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Trusted by some of the world’s leading gaming studios

Promon IP Protection Pro™ safeguards app integrity, revenue, and brand reputation for mobile games with over 250 million monthly active users without impacting the gameplay experience.

Trusted by some of the world’s leading gaming studios