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promon insight cloud

Actionable insights for mobile apps

Promon Insight™ detects and collects telemetry data within mobile apps protected by Promon SHIELD® on iOS and Android. It enhances your app’s security with custom data points for in-depth analysis. Developers gain full control through an accessible command-line tool, flexible configuration settings, and a robust API for integrating unique customer data.

It gathers:

  • client device data
  • operating system data
  • location data
  • security detection evidence to reduce false positives
  • and more

Insight includes standard dashboards for threat detection data while also allowing you to leverage your existing dashboards, reporting, and analytics tools.

Importantly, Insight is designed with privacy in mind, ensuring no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected.

Why Promon Insight™

Fraud prevention

Improve decision-making, prevent mobile fraud, and reduce false positives.

Trusted analytics

Rely on secure, tamper-proof analytics from all your mobile apps installed worldwide.

Intrusion prevention

Identify and analyze suspicious activities and access patterns in real time.

Forensic analysis

Analyze security breaches to identify causes, assess impacts, and prevent future incidents.

Vulnerability management

Identify and address potential vulnerabilities, errors, and misconfigurations.

Easy executive reporting

Enable quick executive reporting to address security incidents and make critical decisions.