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Application shielding

Once an app is released, it’s subject to many different types of attacks – even if you release it through an official channel. Application shielding modifies an application’s byte or binary code, making it more resistant to intrusion, tampering, reverse engineering, and malware attacks, and should be your first line of defence when securing your apps.

Unlike security solutions that monitor and test vulnerabilities, application shielding can detect and prevent real-time attacks. When your app is shielded, it becomes self-protecting, in any environment it is released into.

Protect your app code against static attacks

Hardening your app code makes your applications more resistant to reverse engineering and app tampering. It also protects against intellectual property theft, loss of revenue, and reputation damage.

The Promon Jigsaw binary obfuscation engine offers complete code protection across all platforms and a low-impact, native implementation.

Protect Your App

Protecting your app against runtime attacks

When an app is at runtime in an untrusted environment, threat actors use different techniques to analyze and modify your app in real-time –this is what we call a dynamic attack.

With app shielding, your app is protected against malware, app tampering, emulators, debugging and hooking frameworks. App shielding protects your app in an untrusted environment and on jailbroken/rooted devices.


The heuristic approach

Promon SHIELD™ offers protection against both static and dynamic attacks, for Android, iOS or hybrid solutions. To achieve comprehensive security, you need both.

Our multi-layered approach adds complexity to how we protect your app. Through employing heuristic algorithms, Promon SHIELD™ is able to defend against both known attacks and future attacks. This will prevent threats such as zero-day attacks, which exploit unknown flaws in your application code.

With our no-code integration tool, you can get started today, and make your apps self-protecting within minutes.

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