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Promon announces partnership with F5 to simplify mobile SDK integration

By Tana Blegen October 18, 2021 12:29 pm

OSLO, NORWAY  18th of October 2021 – Promon, the Oslo-based app security company today announces its partnership with F5, the industry’s leading multi-cloud application security and delivery company.

This partnership now enables F5’s customers to seamlessly implement the F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK. The solution provides developers with the necessary tools to protect their applications from bot attacks utilising Promon’s no-code, hassle-free SDK integration platform. The same integration platform also makes the implementation of Promon’s app shielding software, Promon SHIELD™, a simple plug and play process for F5 customers who wish to utilise it.

Bots are autonomous programs that are designed to generate requests mimicking real users at scale. Companies large and small are impacted by bot attacks leading to Account Takeover (ATO), compromised credentials, unauthorized scraping, and more. Battling these bots, and the damage they can cause, is precisely why F5 Bot Defense was created. Through Promon’s no-code integration, application developers can implement the full functionality of F5 Bot Defense for mobile apps in a matter of minutes. The combined solution is making it easier to protect both the server application using F5 Bot Defense and the mobile app using Promon SHIELD.

Commenting on the partnership, Gustaf Sahlman, CEO at Promon, said: “This effort with F5 represents a clear vote of confidence in Promon SHIELD™, and the team that developed it. It also signals the heightened importance of a diversified product offering in making the integration of SDKs both secure and seamless.”

“Through our partnership with Promon, the F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK can be rapidly integrated with our customers’ mobile apps,” said Saurabh Bajaj, VP of Product Management at F5. “The solution simplifies the integration of the F5 Bot Defense SDK, allowing more customers to benefit from F5’s industry-leading antibot protection.”

About Promon

Promon is a Norwegian firm specialising in App Shielding. The company works across a range of industries with a variety of global tier 1 clients, counting customers in industries such as finance, health, and the public sector. Promon’s technology is research-based and originates from the internationally recognised research environments at SINTEF and the University of Oslo. Promon’s patented App Shielding technology Promon SHIELD™ is now in use on some 300 million devices.

Promon is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has offices in Asia, the US, Germany, the UK, and India. For more information head to 

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