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Best-in-class app shielding

Promon SHIELD™ offers the most comprehensive app shielding solution on the market.
Deliver high-quality standard security for both mobile and desktop applications.
With Promon SHIELD™, you can offer your customers world-class app shielding against both static and dynamic attacks – provided by industry experts.

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Drive new business to your company by offering Promon SHIELD™ as part of your portfolio and add a revenue stream to your business model.

We work closely with our partner network to strengthen and expand customer relationships. With 24/7 support, we are always available for our partners.

Ease of use and integration

With our no-code integration tool, your customers can get started today, and make their apps self-protecting. Android, iOS and hybrid apps can be secured in minutes by using our integration tool, or an SDK that is easily integrated into the app.

Achieving a balance between complexity and usability, Promon SHIELD™ provides a high level of security while allowing developers to continue using their preferred languages and frameworks.

Best-in-class app shielding

Get exclusive benefits

Ease of use and integration

Our partner network

Promon SHIELD™ performs far better than any other solution on the market in all tests we have performed.

Stefan Strobel

Founder and CEO of Cirosec gmbh

Promon SHIELD™ complements our authentication solution and dramatically strenghtens the security.

Petr Dvořák

CEO of Wultra

Promon SHIELD™ strengthens our mobile security portfolio and perfectly fill up the gap of our offering.

edward law

CEO of SecureMetric

Through our partnership with Promon, the F5 Bot Defense Mobile SDK can be rapidly integrated with our customers’ mobile apps

Saurabh Bajaj
VP of Product Management, F5

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Grow your business and increase your revenue by adding Promon SHIELD™ to your portfolio.

“Our partners are our key to success, and we’re proud to be the preferred choice by our partners worldwide”, said Stephan Gaebler, CCO at Promon.

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