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Why app security is crucial for citizen oriented apps

Mobile apps are often targets of fraud and vulnerable to breaches. App security should be one of the topmost concerns of government officials when launching security-sensitive and citizen-oriented apps that reside on end-users’ mobile devices.

The sensitive nature of personal unique identifiers makes them an ideal target for attackers.

When should you consider adopting app shielding?

  • The app carries sensitive data or can be used for transactions.
  • The app is public and published on a commercial app store.
  • The app has a significant portion of the software logic that resides on the device.

Why app security is crucial for citizen-oriented apps

App shielding by Promon SHIELD™ makes your citizen-oriented apps more resistant to scalable malware, intrusion, tampering and reverse engineering of the app.

In addition, it provides protection of sensitive app data and collects information to both identify attack vectors and help prevent future attacks. It is a critical link once your apps go live in untrusted environments.

Use case: Mobile driver license app

A European country is developing a driving licence app.
In this new app, citizens will be able to access their driving licence via their mobile phone by entering a code or by using their fingerprint. It makes it quick and easy for the citizens to present proof of identity via his or her mobile phone.

By utilising application shielding, both Verisec and the developers behind the official driver license app are able to detect and prevent intrusions, including reverse-engineering, secure sensitive app data and protect their users against malicious attacks.

Use case: Mobile eID app

Swedish Verisec announced a free version of its Freja eID – giving businesses, authorities and organisations access to a completely free of charge eID. Promon’s app shielding technology provides an added layer of security by protecting the Freja ID app and its users. 

What our customers say

We’re using Promon SHIELD™ due to Promon’s outstanding services. We’ve been impressed by the support provided by their engineers, and how fast and easy the integration process is.

Paul Ruy

CTO, Blockware

We looked at a number of vendors, but chose Promon as all the staff we dealt with had deep knowledge of the product. We also got to speak directly with the members of Promon’s development team. Having direct access to developers at Promon allowed us to resolve problems quickly.

Keith harrison

Head of software development, Nude

We especially liked Promon’s innovative approach to protecting the application instead of the whole system.


Head of development, Star Finanz

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