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4 min read: How Application Shielding supports PSD2 4 min read: How Application Shielding supports PSD2
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Application Shielding for Mobile Apps

Application Shielding for Windows Apps

Our RASP Security & Application Shielding technology in a nutshell

Promon SHIELD™ goes beyond individual application security elements and extends the security beyond the downloaded app. Most developers do not consider a downloaded app to differ from the app they have published on an App Store. This is however not the case, as most applications rely heavily on platform elements during execution to perform their intended functionalities. Promon SHIELD™ is designed to not only protect the application itself, as downloaded to a device, but also the platform elements which the app is relying on to execute.

Promon SHIELD™ provides Self-Protection abilities to Mobile apps and Desktop applications. This is the category that Gartner defines as RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) / Application Shielding. With Promon SHIELD™ the app is self-protecting and protection is restricted to the application only. Our technology supports both iOS and Android, as well as other platforms such as Windows. Promon SHIELD™ monitors and controls the execution of the application, including the interactions with OS components, to protect from attacks and data exfiltration. Promon SHIELD™ provides Obfuscation, Anti-tampering and Integrity Checking, as well as White-box Cryptography and many other security features.

You can easily turn your apps into a self-protecting app! Your Android, iOS or Windows apps can be quickly uploaded and secured in minutes by using our integration tool, or an SDK that is integrated into the application. Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution via public or enterprise app stores.

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