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Lock the doors on hackers: secure your automotive app

Car owners used to have one main concern: thieves smashing the window of their car and stealing it. As the number of connected vehicles keeps increasing, a new big challenge arises: attackers hacking the automotive app.  

Vulnerable apps connected to automotive vehicles can create safety issues, expose sensitive customer information and raise the risk for ID theft and fraud. It is, therefore, vital that you protect these apps against a range of attack vectors. 

Protect sensitive app data, keys and unique identifiers

Keyless entry systems are one of the three most common attack vectors for connected cars.

Leaving cryptographic keys easily accessible in your app is no better than leaving your car key on top of your tire. Providers of automotive apps need to find a good way to safeguard sensitive app assets – because if an attacker extracts them, the entire security of the app collapses. Hardcoding assets directly into the source code is not a secure option, but also not uncommon.

Protect against malware takeover

Connected vehicles and their apps create a seamless driving experience for car owners. But if the automotive app is not protected, attackers can reverse engineer and tamper with it to steal user input and credentials, IP, and personally identifiable information, and give hackers a way to communicate with the back-end servers.

Protect against reverse engineering and tampering

Hackers can download and modify an app and redistribute a fake malware-infected version of it in order to steal user credentials and take control of the account. By misusing the operating system features, malware can use methods such as screen-readers (accessibility services and tools) to steal personal data or credentials.

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We especially liked Promon’s innovative approach to protecting the application instead of the whole system.


Head of development, Star Finanz

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