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Promon Unveils IP Protection Pro to Safeguard Mobile App Revenue and Intellectual Property Investments

By Thomas Ford December 05, 2023 10:41 am

OSLO, 05 December 2023Promon (, the leading provider of mobile application security solutions, today announces the launch of its latest product, IP Protection Pro, a cutting-edge obfuscation solution designed to fortify mobile apps against reverse engineering and unauthorized code modification.

Today, mobile apps face a never-ending series of challenges with the increasing sophistication of threats ranging from vulnerabilities to advanced reverse engineering tools. Without sufficient protection, apps often fall victim to unauthorized modifications that enable in-app fraud, the extraction of sensitive data, the adversarial analysis of code exposing vulnerabilities and business-critical functions, as well as piracy and copyright infringements. In addition to all of this, regulatory compliance standards, such as GDPR and HIPAA, pose a further headache for app developers. 

Existing protection measures, like code obfuscation, provide some security but are not foolproof. Fragmented security solutions further complicate the landscape, requiring organizations to navigate a patchwork of tools. Powered by Promon’s Jigsaw engine, IP Protection Pro emerges as a comprehensive solution, addressing the multifaceted issues in mobile app security by combining runtime protection and code obfuscation. This streamlined approach aims to enhance security, simplify implementation, and reduce costs for organizations grappling with cybersecurity concerns in the mobile app industry. IP Protection Pro also patches the security gap caused by the deprecation of Bitcode following the launch of iOS 17. With iOS 17, Xcode no longer supports Bitcode, meaning Bitcode-based obfuscation engines (by far the most dominant approach) fail to obfuscate the app code.

With IP Protection Pro, customers gain access to iOS obfuscation, native Android obfuscation, and upcoming integrated features such as enhanced DEX code obfuscation, JavaScript obfuscation for hybrid apps. Designed to work natively on post-compiled binary code, IP Protection Pro also eliminates the need for complex integration with mobile app development toolchains, such as Apple XCode and Android’s Native Development Kit (NDK). This comprehensive offering caters specifically to companies in finance, banking, payments, gaming, streaming, and government entities, aiming to safeguard their mobile apps and third-party SDKs.

Moreover, as cyber threats become more advanced, IP Protection Pro provides a timely solution with its next-gen binary obfuscation capabilities. It’s undeniable that AI tools are becoming increasingly adept at recognizing patterns and potentially reversing obfuscation. IP Protection Pro ensures that apps are protected against static analysis, providing an AI-resilient level of obfuscation making unauthorized modification and reverse engineering cumbersome. Unlike competitors, its low-code, automated, quick integration also has no impact on the toolchain and accelerates secure app deployment, enabling organizations to meet the pressing demand for quick time-to-market without sacrificing security. 

Andrew Whaley, Senior Technical Director at Promon comments: “We are extremely proud to introduce IP Protection Pro, an advanced obfuscation solution specifically engineered to bolster mobile app security. IP Protection Pro addresses pain points that traditional obfuscation techniques could not fully solve, including post-compile protection, cross-platform compatibility, and dynamic obfuscation of native components. This tool empowers businesses with a patented, dynamic defense mechanism against reverse engineering and unauthorized code manipulation, making it a strategic choice for fortifying mobile applications against the growing sophistication of AI-driven threats.”

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