Secure your desktop apps

… and put your feet up

Comprehensive desktop protection

Achieving application security doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With Promon SHIELD™, your developer team can implement protection to any desktop application, in minutes, without affecting the end-users.

Application protection

Promon SHIELD™ is designed to secure code integrity, data protection, intellectual property and ultimately brand and revenue against targeted malware. With security protections that are infused directly into your application, Promon SHIELD™ protects your desktop apps from both static and dynamic attacks.

Since security is embedded into the application, protection is not invasive to the end user’s computer or network, nor does it rely on external libraries or hardware for its protection.


Advantages with Promon SHIELD™

Protects against both known and unknown malware
Ease of use and integration
Invisible to the end-user
Protecting the app from the inside out
The shielded app is fully GDPR compliant

Why choose Promon

Multi-layered protection

Promon SHIELD™ is a security technology that offers multi-layered app protection beyond what the operating system can offer, and beyond what can be achieved by normal best practice and programming by app developers.

Promon SHIELD™ is an easy-to-integrate software security solution that protects your apps from being attacked by malicious actors and safeguards sensitive app data and assets.

Ease of use and integration

You can easily turn your app into a self-protecting app. Both Windows and MacOS apps can be quickly secured and distributed in minutes by using our integration tool.

Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution.

Flexible deployment

Customers have full control of Promon SHIELD™ and how it is applied to an app, without the need to distribute anything that is unsecured or otherwise out of the company network.

We offer fully automated integration with your dev team’s favorite CI/CD tools. Many customers also choose to integrate Promon SHIELD™ via web portals.

International company

Promon SHIELD™ has protected applications used by more than 500 million end-users since 2006. As an established market player with a wide range of customers worldwide, we are always available with support and we monitor the security threat landscape closely.

Today, Promon works across a broad range of industries with various global Tier 1 clients, counting customers in industries such as finance, health, public sector, and more.

About us

What our customers say

We’re using Promon SHIELD™ due to Promon’s outstanding services. We’ve been impressed by the support provided by their engineers, and how fast and easy the integration process is.

Paul Ruy

CTO, Blockware

We looked at a number of vendors, but chose Promon as all the staff we dealt with had deep knowledge of the product. We also got to speak directly with the members of Promon’s development team. Having direct access to developers at Promon allowed us to resolve problems quickly.

Keith harrison

Head of software development, Nude

We especially liked Promon’s innovative approach to protecting the application instead of the whole system.


Head of development, Star Finanz