Promon Jigsaw Engine

Next-generation code obfuscation to protect your apps against emerging threats 

Promon Jigsaw binary code obfuscation

Empowering organizations to harden their apps against evolving threats 

Promon Jigsaw, the world’s first cross-platform, post-compile, native obfuscation engine, eliminates next-generation cyber threats. Extending Promon SHIELD™’s capabilities, the Jigsaw engine safeguards binary code across all platforms from repackaging attacks, unauthorized code manipulation, and sophisticated reverse engineering. With a low-code deployment, it caters to a wide range of industries like gaming, finance, media, healthcare, and defense, offering seamless configuration and fine-grained control. 


finance apps can be repackaged


gaming apps can be repackaged


bitcode obfuscation on iOS and MacOS

Complete code protection for desktop and mobile apps

Safeguard your valuable revenue streams 

The Jigsaw engine’s capabilities extend to protecting in-app purchases, subscription models, and premium features, ensuring your monetization strategies remain intact. With a hardened app, your business can grow without disruption. 

Protect your prized intellectual property 

Safeguard your app code with the Jigsaw engine by ensuring that proprietary algorithms, unique functionalities, and logic remain shielded from unauthorized access, imitation, or reverse engineering attempts. 

Ensure data security and compliance 

Minimize the risk of data breaches, ensuring your app aligns with regulations such as GDPR, PCI, PSD2, HIPAA, CPRA, CPA, and local industry-specific mandates. By incorporating the engine’s robust security into your app development process, you can meet compliance requirements and build user trust with users concerned about their data privacy.

Reduce time to market with a simplified deployment 

The Jigsaw engine is a low-code engine suitable for developers of varying expertise levels. As a result, performance optimization is built in, and when specific configurations are needed, it allows explicit fine-tuning for an optimal balance between security and performance. 

Benefit from cutting-edge protection against the latest threats

Driven by continuous research and development, the Jigsaw engine rapidly adapts to the latest threat trends and attack vectors. It will power future solutions, countering threats from reverse engineering and AI, thereby minimizing the potential for fraud.* 
*Future capability 

Why Promon Jigsaw Engine

Binary code obfuscation

The Jigsaw engine operates natively on the post-compile binary code. It is developer-tool agnostic, supporting a wide range of languages like Dart, Rust, Golang, C++, Obj-C, Swift, Xamarin.iOS, etc. It can also protect third-party libraries and is not dependent on Bitcode. 


The engine’s unified codebase offers the same features and experience across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android Native, MacOS, Windows, and Linux (desktop + embedded). It also supports ARM and Intel architectures. Over time, the Jigsaw engine will enable Promon to deliver obfuscation solutions on a wider set of platforms than in the past.

Low code

Like all Promon products and tools, the Jigsaw engine is user-friendly and doesn’t require specialized knowledge. Its default settings offer strong performance in most use cases. For specific needs, customization is straightforward. 

Native implementation

As a native engine, Jigsaw delivers reduced implementation friction. It runs quickly and efficiently compared to other market alternatives and integrates seamlessly into CI/CD pipelines. 


The Jigsaw engine’s patent-pending dynamic obfuscation capabilities will create self-adjusting code that moves, mutates, and self-repairs at runtime. It automatically tunes the generation and pruning to optimize performance.*  
*Future capability 

Enable future-proofed support for your needs 

IP Protection

Whether in gaming, defense, healthcare, or other sectors, the Jigsaw engine ensures advanced code protection against reverse engineering and unauthorized access and helps organizations remain in control of their data and intellectual property (IP).

Payment flow protection

By countering threats like reverse engineering and patching, the Jigsaw engine hardens the integrity of payment flows within native components in industries like banking and finance, retail, or other sectors reliant on secure financial transactions.

Customer data protection

The Jigsaw engine supports organizations to provide a high level of data and app security and integrity, particularly for industries dealing with personal data, such as healthcare and finance.

Content protection

Streaming and entertainment businesses can securely deliver their digital content, thwarting unauthorized access and preserving the integrity of their offerings.

The Promon Jigsaw engine versus conventional code obfuscation

Conventional code obfuscation techniques have become increasingly susceptible to automated machine-learning attacks, and pen testers are well-versed in their methods. Apple’s recent deprecation of the LLVM bitcode in Xcode has made it harder to protect MacOS and iOS apps, and few vendors have viable code obfuscation tools. The Jigsaw engine fills a critical gap by delivering complete code protection across platforms and a low-impact, native implementation, making integration effortless for security developers and engineers.

Integrated platforms and architectures 

Binary code obfuscation that checks the boxes 


Developers and security engineers

The Jigsaw engine’s autonomy from toolchains provides you with flexibility in your choice of development tools. You can seamlessly integrate the engine into your existing workflows without constraints. When needed, it allows extensive configuration, enabling you to customize it while avoiding performance bottlenecks. 


CISOs and CIOs

The Jigsaw engine’s ability to secure apps holistically across all platforms aligns with your strategic vision of adopting comprehensive solutions that address multiple security needs. It eliminates the need for multiple tools from different vendors, ultimately reducing costs and time to market.

The right obfuscation technique to keep your code protected

The Jigsaw engine provides several obfuscation techniques and integrity control through checksumming, control flow obfuscation, section encryption, and block splitting. Runtime controls such as anti-debug, anti-hooking, and environmental controls such as root or jailbreak detection, screenshot prevention, and keyboard injection prevention are provided through Promon SHIELD™, which is strongly bound to the Jigsaw-obfuscated code.

Control flow obfuscation hides the calls between functions and external dependencies.
Section encryption encrypts code and all static data.  
Block splitting breaks up larger functions into smaller chunks, shuffles these, and links them via the control flow obfuscation, so they are difficult to follow.
Checksumming verifies the integrity of the code to protect it from modification, such as setting breakpoints or patching.

An introduction to app code obfuscation

The importance of code obfuscation and how it enhances your app security