App Threat Reports

Quarterly analyses of different topics in mobile application security produced by Promon’s Research team

The State of Game Security

Q1, 2023

This report reviews mobile gaming security, exploring how the top games by revenue protect themselves against hooking frameworks, repackaging, and rooted devices.

Our Q1 report explores the overall security level for mobile games. To assess that level, we checked more than 350 Android games to see how they fared against our repackaging attacks, deployment of hooking frameworks, and how they handled the detection of a rooted device. Initial results showed that most apps were vulnerable to our attacks.

The State of Repackaging

Q4, 2022

Securing today’s mobile applications requires protecting not only the app code while at rest, but also the entire app process when in runtime. As attacks have grown more sophisticated, so too have the tools and techniques to mitigate and protect against these attacks.

Our Q4 report specifically explores repackaging, a code alteration or injection attack primarily directed at Android apps, in particular banking and finance apps. In the report, you will find a short primer on repackaging, followed by a review of the hundreds of financial services apps across various sectors, install bases and regions to assess the overall level of security against this common attack.