Enable compliance with app shielding

How app shielding supports regulatory requirements

Add strong data protection controls to support compliance with regulations such as PSD2, GDPR, CCPA, PCI and more. Meet compliance requirements with Promon SHIELD™.

Promon achieves EMVCo SBMP certification

Why choose Promon

Multi-layered protection

Promon SHIELD™ is a security technology that offers multi-layered app protection beyond what the operating system can offer, and beyond what can be achieved by normal best practice and programming by app developers.

Promon SHIELD™ is an easy-to-integrate software security solution. It protects your apps from being attacked by malicious actors and safeguards sensitive app data and assets.

Ease of use and integration

You can easily turn your app into a self-protecting app with Promon SHIELD™. Both Android and iOS apps can be quickly secured and distributed in minutes by using our integration tool.

Once secured, the app is immediately ready for distribution.

Flexible deployment

Customers have full control of Promon SHIELD™ and how it is applied to an app, without the need to distribute anything that is unsecured or otherwise out of the company network.

We offer fully automated integration with your dev team’s favorite CI/CD tools. Many customers also choose to integrate Promon SHIELD™ via web portals.

International company

Promon SHIELD™ has protected applications used by more than 1 billion end-users since 2006. As an established market player with a wide range of customers worldwide, we are always available with support, and we monitor the security threat landscape closely.

Today, Promon works across a broad range of industries with various global Tier 1 clients, including customers in industries such as finance, gaming, the public sector, and more.

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