Mobile app security for health and medical apps

Protect patients’ data and protected health information (PHI) – to meet regulations and become compliant.

Why it is important to protect health and medical apps

Mobile health and medical apps are helping to improve the healthcare system by boosting efficiency and providing better patient care. Unfortunately, many of these apps have vulnerabilities, and attackers know how to exploit them. As a healthcare app provider, it is essential that you secure your app to protect patients’ data and protected health information (PHI) – to meet regulations and become compliant.

Health care records and personal information are being sold on the black market for as much as $1000 per record – this is an enormous motivation for hackers.

Meet regulatory requirements

One of the main concerns for developers regarding compliant apps is protecting the data and PHI stored by the app from being accessed and viewed by unauthorized parties. For example, the HIPAA Security Rule specifies that you must guard against any threats to the integrity of such information and also secure PHI from data-stealing malware.

Safeguard sensitive app data and PHI

Health care apps must protect sensitive app data, such as user data, encryption keys or backend API keys. If sensitive data is extracted from your app, attackers can easily access PHI and other sensitive patient information. To ensure PHI data is kept safe, such data need to be secured at all times, even when in use. 

Prevent reverse engineering and app tampering

Protecting your medical health apps against reverse engineering and tampering is vital for keeping patients’ data safe. By using reverse engineering techniques, attackers will be able to analyze your app, its code but also sensitive assets, to identify weaknesses, access the sensitive data, or tamper with and modify the app. 

Fight malware, protect patient data and maintain trust

Malware attacks are on the rise – also in medical health apps. By exploiting vulnerabilities and misusing the operating system features, malware can gain an advantage and steal patients’ personal data and credentials.

The technology that keeps your apps secure

Why healthcare app publishers choose us

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