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Does your app need code obfuscation, encryption or runtime protection? Promon SHIELD™ is the world leader in application shielding for Android, iOS and hybrid apps. Our customers are some of the world’s largest companies across all industries, including banking and finance, healthcare, gaming and retail.

What to expect from a demo

During the demo, we’ll show you how Promon SHIELD™ delivers deep app protection, and walk you through our quick, easy integration, whether you choose an on-prem or cloud deployment. Let our security experts help you solve your challenges, and show you how to secure your app in minutes.

  • How Promon SHIELD protects your app from static attacks, using obfuscation and encryption, and dynamic attacks through runtime protection
  • Ease of use and integration with our no-code solution that has no impact on end-users
  • We can conduct a free, comprehensive app assessment to check the health status of your app and flag vulnerabilities

World-class app shielding delivered by Promon

Promon SHIELD™ offers protection against both static and dynamic attacks, for Android, iOS or hybrid solutions. To achieve comprehensive security, you need both.

Our multi-layered approach adds complexity to how we protect your app. Through employing heuristic algorithms, Promon SHIELD™ is able to defend against both known attacks and future attacks. This will prevent threats such as zero-day attacks, which exploit unknown flaws in your application code.

With our no-code integration tool, you can get started today, and make your apps self-protecting within minutes.

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