Mobile game development company protects IP and prevents cheating with no impact on the gameplay experience

Safeguarding app integrity, revenue, and brand reputation for mobile games with over 250 million monthly active users.

This mobile game developer has launched popular mobile games with more than 250 million monthly active users. They selected Promon’s mobile gaming security solutions and deployed one of their mobile games on Android with Promon IP Protection Pro™ at the end of 2022. Convinced of the solution’s efficacy, they are now rolling it out to their other titles, meeting their requirements successfully. 






Promon IP Protection Pro™

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Use cases

Protecting intellectual property, preventing cheating, ensuring game integrity

The company: top mobile game developer

This European mobile gaming development company has created some of the most popular mobile games in the world. The company is known for its innovation, creativity, and ability to consistently produce hits. They continue to release new games and expand their reach into new markets. 

The challenge: cheating ruined the gameplay experience

They needed strong integration and overlapping mobile game security from the Android DEX code to the native game code to stop a common attack, called lifting attack used to cheat in the game. It allowed the latest game code library to be removed and added to a previously hacked Android game code. 

As a result, cheaters gained an unfair advantage over legitimate players by accessing unlimited game resources. The in-game currency was devalued, reducing the incentive for legitimate players to purchase them. Thus, it decreased the revenue for the game developer. Furthermore, the attack negatively impacted the gameplay experience for legitimate players, undermining the core principles of fairness and challenge that make a gaming community enjoyable.

The gaming development company was unable to achieve this with a competing product and was also dismayed by the slow pace of development of their tools.

The mobile app developer was also very concerned about the app performance not being affected by the mobile app protection solution selected.

The solution: preventing game code attacks with IP Protection Pro

Promon IP Protection Pro™ was the only solution able to bind the native code to the Android system code (Java), thus preventing the attack. Additionally, the solution was able to meet or exceed the existing level of security for the other aspects of mobile app security

As well as security, the mobile game developer was very concerned about app performance and has been able to meet their requirements through a custom configuration for IP Protection Pro.

The result

By selecting Promon’s solutions for gaming, cheating in the mobile game has been substantially reduced, creating a better gaming experience for players and protecting the revenue for this European mobile gaming company.