How to hack (and secure) an Android app!

Whether you’re a curious enthusiast or a vigilant app developer, this webinar is your gateway to understanding how hackers think, so you can better safeguard your app against potential threats.

What you’ll learn:

Understanding attack vectors: Explore the various ways Android apps can be vulnerable to attacks, namely reverse engineering, repackaging, hooking, and debugging

Theory vs. practice: Delve into the theoretical concepts behind these attacks and witness their practical execution

Tools of the trade: Learn about the tools used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities

Defensive strategies: Discover actionable steps to shield your apps against potential threats

Meet our expert

Benjamin Adolphi

Your guide through this journey into Android app security is Benjamin Adolphi. As the Head of Security Research at Promon, he’s spent over a decade investigating mobile application threats and defenses. Benjamin is one of the minds behind Promon’s cutting-edge mobile application shielding products, and his expertise spans reverse engineering, operating system internals, and penetration testing. With a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering and a Master’s in Information Security, he’s ready to share his insights with you.