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Most Read Content By Promon In 2020

Most read content by Promon in 2020

You’ll find the five most read content by Promon in 2020

1. StrandHogg 2.0 – The Evil Twin 
Promon researchers have discovered a new elevation of privilege vulnerability in Android that allows hackers to gain access to almost all apps.
Learn more from our report and get the mitigation recommendations.

2. Gartner Report – How to Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls
Through 2022, mobile application security failures will be the biggest mobile threat for enterprises.
Read more and download the Gartner report here.

3. Security researchers discover more than 60 fake apps masquerading as Among Us!
Cybercriminals are exploiting the popularity of the multiplayer game to distribute malware. Read article here.

4. OWASP Mobile Top 10 Risks
Download the checklist that highlights security flaws & vulnerabilities developers need to protect their applications from. Read more download the checklist here.
5. How Erste Bank is keeping their mobile banking safe 

Download this case study and read how Erste Bank is keeping mobile banking safe with Promon SHIELD™. Read more and download the case study here.

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