How app shielding enables GDPR compliance

App shielding adds strong data protection controls to support GDPR

GDPR and mobile app security

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy regulation for all EU and EEA member states. It unifies existing rules and regulations for Data Protection and Privacy to better protect EU/EEA citizens personal data within EU and outside EU. As such it applies to everyone and anyone that store, process or collect personal data about EU/EEA citizens.

Applications that stores or processes personal identifiable information (PII) need to protect their data to avoid steep fines and public relations disasters.

Promon SHIELD™ protects sensitive data contained within an app
Proprietary EMVCo certified white box prevents data cloning and lifting

How app shielding enables GDRP compliance

Application shielding is one of the most effective defenses organizations can implement to bolster their chances of avoiding steep fines and public relations disasters.

With Promon SHIELD™ you safeguard app data, fight malware and prevent app-tampering, making sure that your apps are compliant.