App Threat Report: The State of Financial Services’ Malware Defense

Welcome to our Q2 App Threat Report, Promon’s quarterly analysis of current topics in mobile application security produced by our Security Research Team.

In our Q2 report, our team created a screen reader that could exfiltrate data in a manner similar to real-world malware. We used this tool to see if we could extract sensitive information from the top 100 financial services apps in order to assess the security level of financial services applications.

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Malware continues to target financial services apps. According to SecureList, more than 57,000 banking trojans were observed in Q1 2023, up 19% over Q4 2022. These trojans can steal customer credentials, observe, and record personal data and sometimes conduct transactions.

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  • Android Accessibility services and how malicious actors exploit them to spread malware
  • The results from our real-world testing of how 100 of the leading Android banking and financial apps fare against screen reader attacks
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