Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

There’s no cybersecurity crystal ball to reveal what 2024 will bring, but clear themes and areas of interest do begin to emerge with the advancement of new technologies and significant events in the ever-evolving threat landscape.

This webinar explores:

– The escalation of nation-state cyber threats, which are particularly interesting in such a significant global election year 

– The role of AI and ML in cybersecurity as both a threat and a means of protection 

– Preparing for the quantum computing era 

– The growing importance of ethical hacking and bug bounty programs 

– Vulnerable industries that will have special considerations moving forward 

– Practical advice for cybersecurity in 2024 

2024 cybersecurity predictions Promon

Meet our expert

Andrew Whaley

Andrew Whaley is Senior Technical Director (UK) for Promon where he leads development of Jigsaw, the company’s next-generation code obfuscation engine. Prior to joining Promon, Andrew was Chief Architect for Digital.ai, VP of Engineering for Arxan, and Lead Engineer for Barclay’s mobile applications.