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Promon unveils Jigsaw, an innovative code obfuscation engine to combat AI-powered cyber threats

By Thomas Ford September 26, 2023 01:36 pm

The world’s first cross-platform, native binary obfuscation engine for mobile and desktop apps protects apps and SDKs from reverse engineering, malware, and tampering.

Oslo, Norway – September 26, 2023 – Promon, the leading provider of proactive mobile application security solutions, today announced Jigsaw, the world’s first cross-platform, native binary obfuscation engine for desktop and mobile apps. Deployed in beta over the past nine months, the Promon Jigsaw engine protects over 250 million users across some of the world’s most popular gaming, banking, and streaming apps by stopping in-game cheating, eliminating in-app fraud, and protecting core intellectual property.

The Promon Jigsaw engine introduces new levels of advanced code obfuscation to defend against generative AI mobile app threats, including sophisticated reverse engineering attacks, unauthorized code manipulation, and novel malware. The engine forms the core of two new Promon solutions, launching in Q4 2023. One that secures sensitive, valuable intellectual property and another that protects individual SDKs within apps. Powered by the Promon Jigsaw engine, these products solve some of today’s most technology-intensive mobile app security use cases and help safeguard apps from future threats.

“AI threats are on the rise, and malicious hackers have been armed like never before with tools and techniques that can bypass the sturdiest protections available,” said Gustaf Sahlman, CEO, Promon. “Jigsaw comes at a critical juncture when the complexity and diversity of app development are higher than ever before, and attackers have evolved their techniques. After more than two years of intensive research and development, we’re pleased to release an engine that combines high security with ease of integration and deployment.”

Delivering the market’s shortest time to value

Promon Jigsaw engine hardens app code against tampering and static analysis. This deep security is complemented by easy integration with the native code post-compile. Jigsaw works with any CI-CD in a low-code deployment. Fully cross-platform, Jigsaw delivers the same protection and experience over iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux apps and supports ARM and Intel architectures.

The engine’s versatility and ease of integration enable developers without any security experience to deploy the technology out of the box while allowing explicit customization for a seamless balance between security and performance.

Driven by continuous research and development, Jigsaw adapts swiftly to the latest threat trends and attack vectors. It helps companies preempt the emergence of reverse engineering and AI, which could amplify financial fraud incidents.

“Jigsaw addresses pain points that traditional obfuscation techniques could not fully solve, including post-compile protection, cross-platform compatibility, and dynamic obfuscation of native components,” said Andrew Whaley, Senior Technical Director at Promon. “This tool will empower businesses with a patented, dynamic defence mechanism against reverse engineering and unauthorized code manipulation, defending apps from future AI-powered attacks.”

Protecting iOS 17 apps – today

With the recent launch of iOS 17, Xcode 15 has removed Bitcode support entirely, meaning legacy Bitcode-based obfuscation engines can no longer protect iOS apps. Jigsaw addresses this gap in the market and successfully defends iOS apps against the latest threats.

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