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Introducing Promon IP Protection Pro™: Advanced code obfuscation for Android and iOS apps

By Morten Ruud December 05, 2023 08:58 am

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of IP Protection Pro, a next-gen product that defends against reverse engineering and ensures intellectual property protection.

Promon has consistently led the runtime application self-protection (RASP) market from the outset. As we expanded our team and product lines, our focus remained steadfast on RASP and security research. Building up our code obfuscation technology, we aimed to become industry leaders in this field as well. Combining our existing code obfuscation capabilities and our recently announced Promon Jigsaw, the world’s first cross-platform, post-compile, native obfuscation engine, has led to the creation of Promon IP Protection Pro™. The product exemplifies our commitment to unparalleled prevention, multi-layered security, ease of use, and automation.

Code protection to safeguard your intellectual property

Companies invest heavily in developing unique features, content, and proprietary algorithms stored within their mobile apps. However, reverse engineering can compromise these investments and expose your code, causing financial and reputational damage. Cyber threats are increasingly advanced, with attackers now employing techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning to bypass security measures. In addition, companies that handle personally identifiable information (PII) must comply with strict regulations to protect sensitive data and ensure privacy.

IP Protection Pro delivers enhanced post-compile binary code obfuscation, safeguarding apps and their integrated third-party SDKs against reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorized access. This protection prevents financial loss, customer churn, reputational damage, and regulatory compliance violations.

IP Protection Pro seamlessly integrates with Promon SHIELD®, taking its capabilities further. It not only expands upon Promon SHIELD®’s basic obfuscation but also leverages its powerful runtime controls, including anti-debug and anti-hooking features. Furthermore, Promon SHIELD® enhances app security with environmental controls such as root or jailbreak detection, screenshot prevention, and keyboard injection prevention. These features safeguard the app in real time, actively identifying and countering threats emerging from its operating environment.



Leveraging Promon Jigsaw’s binary code obfuscation

Our path to developing IP Protection Pro included a significant milestone – creating Jigsaw, our innovative code obfuscation engine. The Jigsaw engine marked a pivotal shift in our approach, blending our deep-rooted knowledge in runtime protection with advanced obfuscation techniques. This engine was the world’s first cross-platform, native binary obfuscation engine for mobile and desktop apps, designed to combat the most sophisticated cyber threats, including AI-powered attacks.

Few vendors have viable code obfuscation tools that don’t impact the toolchain – Apple’s Xcode or Android’s Native Development Kit (NDK) – or support both ARM and Intel architectures. With these new requirements, we developed the Jigsaw engine to power up products that protect mobile apps on a different level, the binary.

Securing iOS Apps

Apple deprecated the LLVM bitcode in Xcode, which has made it more challenging to protect iOS apps. Most iOS code protection has been accomplished by Bitcode-based obfuscators. Promon IP Protection Pro addresses this gap in the market and successfully defends iOS apps against the latest threats without the need to maintain plugins or worry about changes to Xcode.

Beyond just code obfuscation

What sets IP Protection Pro apart is its holistic approach to app security. It’s not just about obfuscating code; it’s about creating a secure environment where your app’s unique algorithms and features are shielded from prying eyes. This tool ensures that in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium features are safeguarded, keeping your revenue models intact.

IP Protection Pro also helps organizations meet stringent regulatory requirements, including OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) resilience standards. It makes it significantly harder for attackers to:

  • Gain unauthorized access or exposure to critical business resources like unique algorithms, trade secrets, or client information.
  • Cause considerable revenue disruptions.
  • Inflict legal and reputational consequences if companies violate contractual or regulatory obligations.
  • Provoke erosion of brand credibility due to damaging media coverage or customer discontent.


Made to support financial services, gaming, streaming, healthcare, and more

IP Protection Pro delivers reliable code protection, whether safeguarding financial transactions, ensuring fair play in gaming, protecting streaming content, securing sensitive healthcare data, or fortifying eGovernment applications.

Financial services and banking apps: Banks and financial institutions use IP Protection Pro to prevent fraud, comply with financial regulations, and secure mobile banking apps.

Gaming apps: IP Protection Pro helps the gaming industry with in-app purchases, cheating prevention, and preserving game integrity.

Healthcare apps: IP Protection Pro can be used in healthcare to secure patient records, protect mobile applications used in clinical research, and comply with regulations.

Payments apps: Payment apps can rely on IP Protection Pro for transaction security and compliance with industry standards.

eGovernment apps: IP Protection Pro prevents piracy, secures streaming algorithms, and protects licensed content in eGovernment applications.

Streaming apps: IP Protection Pro ensures user data security, protects proprietary algorithms, and prevents unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content.

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