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Protect your app in less than a day with our code obfuscation and encryption technology

Protect your app code from static attacks with app shielding

Hardening your app code makes your app more resistant to reverse engineering, app tampering and protects against intellectual property theft, loss of revenue, and reputation damage. Complete code protection combined with comprehensive runtime protection is essential to fully protect your apps.

Layered encryption of the security code

With Promon SHIELD™, your sensitive app data is protected against static attacks on user devices or within the app itself. The encryption keys are never stored on the device, or added in the static code of the app, but are dynamically generated on the device protected by our whitebox-backed solution. Promon SHIELD™ protects your app assets and secrets inside a published app.

Code obfuscation alone is not enough

Code obfuscation will help conceal the logic and purpose of an app’s code, while still keeping its functionality. By using obfuscation methods, it will be more difficult for an attacker to perform reverse engineering, analyze the code, and retrieve sensitive information.

Quickly obfuscate your apps with Promon SHIELD™. Developers or security managers can obfuscate iOS, Android or hybrids apps in less than a day with our no-code integration tool. Save time and let Promon take care of the app security.

Code obfuscation methods

The benefits of multi-layered protection

With app shielding, your application is protected against both static and dynamic attacks.

Once an app is released, it is subject to many different types of attacks – even if you release it through an official distribution channel. Utilizing code protection combined with multi-layered runtime protection features will make your apps less prone to intrusion, tampering, reverse engineering and malware attacks, and should be your first line of defence when securing your apps.

Promon SHIELD™ offers the most comprehensive app shielding solution on the market. In addition to applying robust obfuscation to your Android, iOS, and Javascript apps, Promon SHIELD™ will monitor your app’s runtime behaviour and detect if your app executes in an insecure environment, e.g. hooking frameworks, emulators and debuggers.

Proactive multi-layered protection
Protect your app against real malware attacks
Prevent your code from being tampered with and protect your IP
Promon SHIELD™ protects sensitive data contained within an app

An introduction to app code obfuscation

The importance of code obfuscation and how it enhances your app security